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Cavaliers Playoff Proposal

I love it.  This video is hilarious. These guys are having a ball. It reminds me of Walter Payton, Refrigerator Perry, Jim McMahon and the rest of the Bears when they came out with the Superbowl Shuffle before they beat major booty and won the Superbowl.  Now LeBron and crew are screaming about rings on the not-too-sly.  When do the Knicks get their Prince (not Tayshaun, who may be available) Charming or King LeBron —  same difference?  When do we get a ring proposal we can’t refuse?  How long do you want us to wait Donnie?

Seriously, everything the King does suggests: LEBRON IS NOT COMING TO NEW YORK WITHOUT THE REST OF HIS BOYS.  He is a marketing machine just playing the New York Market like a Yamaha Synthesizer.

“Look, I gotta be honest. I think it’s time we stop just playing games and take this thing to the next level. I mean, I just wanna get dressed up and bring you a ring, interested?”

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