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In this month’s Sports Illustrated, Phil Taylor writes what is essentially a prayer to the basketball Gods to release Jamal Crawford from a horrible curse that has been crueler to only three other professional ballers.  Only NBA Players Tom Van Arsdale, Otto Moore and Nate Williams have played in more basketball games without making the playoffs,  Of course it eats at the former Knicks star that none of his 597 games include a post-season game.

“Guys tell me that being in the playoffs is like walking on air,” Crawford tells Taylor. “They say it’s unbelievable, that your aches and pains from the season don’t even hurt anymore. When you’re in the playoffs, it’s all you think about. I just want to know what that’s like.”

Jamal had a tough season although he averaged 19.7 points and 4.4 assists.   After the Knicks got off to a decent start in the first 11 games of the season, Crawford (Crawsome to some, Crawful to others)  was surprisingly traded to the Warriors for Walsh’s project Al Harrington with a promise of more defense and better inside scoring.   Crawford had the misfortune of winding up with Don Nelson who seems to remind one of Dean Martin at the end of his show after he dropped a shot or two of Johnnie Walker Red down the hole in his kidney.  Nelson who is famous for not knowing how to end relationships has threatened to trade Crawford, perhaps to a playoff team, if he does not opt out.   In an April 17th interview with ESPN, Crawford sounds like the sound businessman as he embraces the Warriors like he is still a Warrior.  When asked what he took away from the season, Jamal responded  “Of course …watching the young players play. Seeing how they developed was great and seeing the future of our team.”

Jamal  was certainly one of my favorite Knicks.   In NYC, he was smart, personable and exciting to watch.  Of course, he was infuriating on defense even on D’Antoni’s team which didn’t play NBA style defense, but he was far better to watch than Statesman’s fave one, Larry “the Bricklayer” Hughes.  There is also something special about watching good players grow with your team or system. Jamal still says it was an honor playing for Isiah, who turned him into a starter and a star.  Unfortunately for Crawford, basketball is a team sport and while it is much easier to make the playoffs these days, a player still needs to be on the right team at the right time. While Crawford should not be the number one star of a playoff team, he can certainly contribute to a good team.  Some fans may not think so, but other ballers dig his game.

The Dallas Mavericks are right — he is certainly one of the best players never to play in a playoff game.  But remember, Phil Mickleson was once the best golfer never to win a major.  The sports Gods are fickle until the players get it right.  I’m betting that Crawford gets it right before he retires.

Postseason Dreamin’
These players have played the most regular-season games without making a playoff appearance (active players are in bold)
Player Games
Tom Van Arsdale 929
Otto Moore 682
Nate Williams 642
Jamal Crawford 597
Troy Murphy 549
Popeye Jones 535
Eddy Curry 504
Mike Dunleavy Jr. 499
Doug Overton 499
Geoff Huston 496
Lee Mayberry 496
Source: NBA

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  1. O.k. so here we be. I’ll come back to check in later. Looks good. We need to blow out the cobwebs and get ready for the draft and summer league.

    Comment by Jay Bee | April 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. JAY BEEEEEEEEEE. What it BEEEEEEEEE like? Good to see you. We’ll be ready. Draft talk has already begun. It appears that D’Antoni’s priority is a guard to replace Duhon (some say Nate but he needs someone who can run the show more than he needs a shooter). After that, maybe we can talk about a defensive big.

    If I can swing it, I am going to drop by the Summer League this year. I definitely intend to join the Fanatics at the draft.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | April 28, 2009 | Reply

  3. “There is also something special about watching good players grow with your team or system“—’Lives regarding Crawful‘.

    “While Crawford should not be the number one star of a playoff team, he can certainly contribute to a good team“.

    ‘Lives’. the above comments may trump your Celtic prediction.
    Crawful came to the Knicks as a one dimensional, one-on-one crossover fade-away shooter that did not play defense. He left here as the same player. His playoff record speaks for him.

    On the Playoffs,

    The NBA has eliminated the low post, or post-up game. NBA ball is now point guards running the pick and pop, or wing men putting the ball on the floor driving to the rim, or touch fouls being called, and the guy going to the free-throw line. This allows the not so fanatic fans to relate to the little or average size guy while also “creating” the next Jordan. The hype for LeBron , Kobe & Wade is an obvious attempt to reach that fan. This style is nauseating to me, but Stern takes the real fans for granted. Shyt, I may have to start watching Hockey. At least they allow those guys to play physical.

    Comment by Statesman2 | April 28, 2009 | Reply

  4. Lives

    Nice art work on that Crawsome pic. I always liked Crawfords personable demeanor and that he handled himself very professionally and non-controversially. It’s a shame the kid hasn’t sniffed the playoffs yet. Sure his defense leaves alot to be desired, but then again so does [ ]’antoni’s coaching of D, but Crawford scroing could be used by a team next year looking to get into the playoff pool.

    Maybe he’ll get sent to contender and get to show his wares on the big stage of the playoffs.

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | April 29, 2009 | Reply

  5. Statesman is funny.

    O&B, thanks on the pic pick.

    Interesting mention in USA Today about shortening the season which is favored by some players but not Commissioner Stern. It’ll never happen. If anything, they will eventually add games as the league expands. Money, money, money. Arena Contracts. Sponsorships. They would do better to make better use of the 15 roster spots and play their stars less or pay them less and allow them to sit a certain number of games under the CBA. That will not happen either.

    Tonight’s game between the Celtics and Bulls should be a classic. Gotta catch it on TIVO though, because Alpha Dawgette has a concert tonight. I hope they play the NBA theme song or Basketball Jones.

    Gotta go.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | April 30, 2009 | Reply

    • You missed a classic baby, a classic.That game, series in fact, has been physically old skool.Loving it!Neither team will be worth shyte in the next series.They are both physically done.Enjoy TIVO!By the way does anything out there resemble Na’D-a’Antoni ball?LGK

      Comment by Tman | April 30, 2009 | Reply

      • Yeah BroMan, that was some classic stuff. I got in at the end of the second quarter and it was gorgeous. It got me so hyped, I just watched Ron Artest and crew dust off Portland. I just loved it. Ray Allen was da bomb. Da Bomb, you hear me.

        Comment by livesinnewjersey | May 1, 2009

  6. T’Man

    I co-sign. Celtics v. Bulls is a throwback series for the old school hoops lover in all of us. Never say die, physical, hold nothing back and leave it all out on the floor. Scores get into the 100s only as a result of the additional overtimes the teams log up.

    I think the Bulls got the better coach in Vinny Del Negro. Had the Bulls signed D’antoni, and faced the Celtics the Celtics win the series in 4 games 5 tops.

    With D’ant in Chi town they don’t go and acquire a rugged player like Miller, and he remolds the team into a bunch of prancing 3 point chucking sissies!

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | April 30, 2009 | Reply

    • You’re right. I would never have guessed that Del Negro was the better choice for that team, but Vinny done great. Rose is the real deal. You check out those hops on the drive and the block. Celts hung in there even without Kendrick Perkins. Just beautiful basketball.

      Comment by livesinnewjersey | May 1, 2009 | Reply

      • Lives I doubt we’ll see those sorts of blood and guts series with D’Antoni and his “System” at the helm of the knicks fate.

        Only a mega star may change that fate,… but w/o coaching defense as a priority and not an afterthought these Knicks might be like the suns hot in the beginning but fading down the stretch!

        Comment by orangeandblue1 | May 1, 2009

  7. I’m now experimenting with Twitter. Interesting, but I’m still trying to figure out “WHY?”

    We’ll see where this leads.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | May 1, 2009 | Reply

  8. I’m just so pissed that the Knicks did not make the Playoffs when they could have. Are they going to sell us another season of repair without reparations for the fans? Will it take another season to dismantle this mess they replaced the other mess with? The Agony of Knick Fandom. Sounds like a new post to me.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | May 1, 2009 | Reply

  9. Now let’s talk about a GM that did a great job this year: Paxson pulled off a gem when he picked up Salmons and Miller. Didn’t he dump Larry Hughes too. (LOLRL = Laugh Out Loud Real Loud) They were going backwards before that trade.

    Compare Donnie Walsh.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | May 1, 2009 | Reply

  10. Not Fair Lives! Crawford would have that art work of
    yours if you let the insider take to him at half time.
    It may have been the Lucky piece to have rid him off
    playoff void! That piece of art may have changed the Knicks season 2 years ago when you could have sent it to him!
    We could be in the playoffs right now! It was you who
    wouldn’t give up that artwork to Crawford and changed
    history! You have to live with that Lives!

    Comment by peaceman1 | May 1, 2009 | Reply

    • LOL!!!

      Comment by livesinnewjersey | May 1, 2009 | Reply

  11. Lives!,

    First of all, the site looks great. very nice indeed. great job. O & B in particular, must be quite proud of the exterior design.

    And what great artwork!!! You know, I can’t believe that you wasted such talent on Craw though!

    Anyway, the fact that craw has never been in the playoffs also has something to do with his coaches. On ANY team where a no-D playing 41% starting SG is averaging near 20 points is a team that will not make the playoffs. PERIOD. Crawford has never improved his shooting accuracy over his entire career. On a good team he averages 10-15 coming off the bench.

    DonNelson, for all of his incredible flaws with every big man he has ever coached, is a small man’s dream coach. Nelson doesn’t care about whether you kiss his ass or say all the right things in interviews or are a nice guy in the lockerroom or have a reputation. He cares if you can play, and will maximize a small man’s strengths. And he realized jamal for what he is, and that’s why he wants him out of town.

    Jamal is and will always be — a decent sixth man of the bench where a coach should ride him when he is hot or pull him when he is not.

    True, far less deserving players have made the playoffs. but that is because their role-player talents were assessed correctly.

    Comment by MODI | May 9, 2009 | Reply

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