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Fanatics Pre-Draft Scouting Report Series: STEPHEN CURRY

Stephen Curry

curry6′ 3″,  185 lbs,

28.6 ppg., 5.6 apg, 3.5 spg, 4.4 rpg, 38,7% 3pt% more stats

igm-gravatar-copyIGM Analysis:

Stephen Curry is a difficult choice for a general manager with point guard needs to fulfill.  His lack of athleticism, body size and weight will lead many front office execs to consider that Curry is not built for the NBA.  Some analysts, like the big colleges that ignored Curry, believe that other talented point guards who are not as refined as shooters, have more upside than Curry.  Jonny Flynn, Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans are seen as three prospects that will be better NBA ballers than Curry.

However, there are still other GMs who would not allow size and weight alone to dictate whether he is a lottery selection. IMHO, Curry’s skill set  is a cross between Ray Allen and Kevin Durant.  He can flat out shoot from anywhere  on the floor.  More importantly, he can do it while on the move and after stopping on a dime.  He has such a quick release that the size of whoever is guarding him is irrelevant especially if he is coming off pick and rolls, pick and pops, curls and the like.  He can also create his own shot off the dribble which gives a team a much needed closer in the mode of Hedo Turkuglo or Ben Gordon.

Questionable is his ability to defend in the NBA because of his body size.  But he certainly has the conditioning, the hand speed and the basketball knowledge to play good team defense and fill in passing lanes and close gaps.  He is listed at a debatable 6’3″ and may possibly grow another inch or two, but he is really considered small and slight.

There is no doubt, however, that Curry could be an effective role player, probably faster than J.J. Reddick whose college career is comparable.

In the final analysis, Curry is a pretty good, safe choice.  He undeniably will at least be a serviceable role player in the NBA.  How he develops depends on the coach, system and team he plays with.  For example, he would probably be a superb supportive 2-guard with a team like the Detroit Pistons,  Cleveland Cavaliers or Los Angeles Lakers.  He could certainly find a role with the offensive minded D’Antoni, but on a poor defensive team probably would make him  an even greater liability.

I am also loving this guy’s commitment and professionalism.  Can professionalism be overrated?  Curry, while at Davidson, was basically playing in his back yard and was under the tutelage and watchful eye of his parents.  He is definitely a young kid who is just starting to get out on his own as he indicated in his new blog, but he knows what to expect from the NBA and has clearly been well prepared to be a shooter in this league.   Check out how he is preparing for the Chicago Combines scheduled for  later this week.

For me, it all starts back with choosing an agent. And that’s a decision I’ve already made. I decided to go with Octagon Sports, a great group of guys who have a great resume, starting with Chris Paul and Rudy Gay, people like that who paved the way for guys like me coming in.

That led me up here to Washington D.C., where I’m working out with Idan Ravin, who’s known as “The Hoops Whisperer” to the guys around the league. He really works one of us hard individually, conditioning-wise and with ball-handling and things like that to prepare us for workouts.

I’m waking up every day at 8:30, eating breakfast and heading over to the gym. And it’s pretty much and hour and a half of grueling work that seems monotonous at times, but I feel like I’m getting better every day.

I’m trying to get stronger and lift. I get in there three or four times a week to work on basketball-related strength exercises. That’s something that most people say I need to work on, so we continue to do that while I’m up here

I also like the fact that Curry is always underrated by the powers that be and he has a hunger and drive to be better than the projections.  He has a real quiet, cocky killer quality about him.  Heck, the kid took his high school to three conference titles and three state playoff appearances before single handily putting Davidson on the NCAA radar because bigger schools did not believe in him.  Heart.  Don’t discount heart.

The Knicks could certainly use a shooter like Curry (not to mention another good organizational representative).  However, this choice would continue to show that D’Antoni has very little commitment to defense.  A Curry-Robinson back court would be one of the most exciting offensive back courts in the game, but they would probably allow as many points as they score over a 30 minute period.  With no shot blocking ability and poor help defensive schemes the Knicks would continue to be an irritating team to watch.  Consider the following rotation:

Curry-Duhon-Chandler-Lee-Harrington to start, followed by Curry-Hughes-Gallinari-Chandler-Wilcox

The second rotation has a good balance of length and outside/inside scoring.  The problem is that there is no true playmaker in the bunch although Hughes, Curry and Gallinari can create their own shots and make decisions off the dribble. Curry is certainly an improvement.

All Stephen Curry Davidson Wildcats Stats and Game Log for 2008-09Stephen can also be found on Facebook and his Blog or Twitter @Stephen30.

Between Curry and Lawson, who we have seen thus far, I think the choice is not as simple as we would like it to be.  They both have considerable intangibles, but I give Curry a slight edge because of his fight, hunger and pedigree.  Difficult choice, IMHO.



Stevan Petrovic – 12/15/2008

Strengths: Made transition from SG to PG this year, but he is more of a combo guard that makes good decisions than a true PG … Best scorer in the NCAA so far at 31.9 PPG … Puts a lot of pressure on defense with his scoring ability and quickness … Looks fearless on the floor and plays under control … Can get any shot he wants and has great shot efficiency … Teams are completely focusing on him defensively, rotating different players at him, so he’s under pressure at all times and still finds a way to hit difficult shots every game … Very confident shooter, especially when the game is on the line (vs. WV struggled the whole game and was not afraid to take over at the end) … Curry can put the ball on the floor and create his own shot from anywhere on the floor and he doesn’t need much space to get his shot off (he will cross-over, trough the legs dribble, behind the back…) … Gets defenders off balance using pump fakes and uses defenders overeagerness to his advantage … Very difficult to guard because he possesses a quick and consistent release on his shot (on the move or under pressure as well) and has NBA range … Moves well without the ball. Great footwork when coming off screens, always ready to shoot … Curry is good at changing speed and direction and handles the ball well … In the open court he can stop on a dime at full speed, with his feet in perfect position (under control) and separate from his defender for open jump-shot … Great vision while driving to the basket and control with the ball … Defensively Curry is crafty and a smart defender with good hands 2.9 STL (not a lockout defender); moves his feet well on defense and stays in front of his defender without gambling much … Solid lateral quickness. Possesses a great will to win. Excellent free-throw shooter .874 … Doesn’t show too much emotion, even keeled. Has been around the game his entire life which gives him an edge knowing what it takes …

Weaknesses: Far below NBA standard in regard to explosivenes and athleticism … At 6-2, he’s extremely small for the NBA shooting guard position, and it will likely keep him from being much of a defender at the next level … Although he’s playing point guard this year, he’s not a natural point guard that an NBA team can rely on to run a team … Struggles defensively getting around screens … Can overshoot and rush into shots from time to time (vs. WV) … Hasn’t had to deal with getting benched due to poor performance (shooting) which has allowed him to shoot through any slumps. Will have to adjust to not being a volume shooter which could have an effect on his effectiveness … Doesn’t like when defenses are too physical with him … Not a great finisher around the basket due to his size and physical attributes … Makes some silly mistakes at the PG position. Needs to add some muscles to his upper body, but appears as though he’ll always be skinny …


Situational Statistics: This Year’s Point Guard Crop
May 8, 2009
Stephen Curry had little opportunity to be efficient, since he was doing enough shooting for three people at Davidson.

Curry’s 31.9 possessions per game is highest usage of any player in the draft this season. Its 50% higher than any other point guard not named Lester Hudson. With that in mind, it is important to take his average .94 PPP with a grain of salt, since it is representative of the load he carried and not the role he will play in the NBA. Curry took 5.4 catch and shoot jumpers per game, and his 1.15 PPP with a hand in his face and 1.33 PPP when left open both land him well above average. In terms of his shooting off the dribble, Curry took 11.6 pulls up jumpers per game, more shots than some players took in total.

Projecting him to the next level, Curry is an interesting case. He’s likely to do a lot of his damage in spot up situations in the NBA, but got only 8.9% of his possessions off of spot ups last seasons. He’s not likely to use a lot of one-on-one possessions, but he used 8.6 per game last season (1st). Averaging 8.3 isolations per game (68.3% Left), Curry probably won’t sniff half that number next season. In terms of guard play, his 41% shooting in transition ranks second to last, showing how hard he was pressing to score, but his 1.3 PPP on the pick and roll is excellent—which leaves a lot of room for optimism. He did use 2.6 possessions per game as a jump shooter running off of screens, so he does have a nice base of experience there, but it is notable how far apart Curry’s role in the NCAA was from the role he is likely to play in the NBA.  Christoper Reina

As a point guard, Curry is far more gifted than he is frequently given credit for. He has a good imagination that is facilitated by an excellent court vision and a natural sense of the movement of the floor. He isn’t the best creator of offense for others in this draft and isn’t a natural passer the way he is a natural shooter, but he is still a very skilled passer, certainly above average, fundamentally sound and sometimes devastatingly brilliant.

He is at his best as a passer when delivering a lead pass over the defense in transition, which of course tantamount to being an effective point guard in the seven seconds or less system. He also is very good at selling the defense on fakes with his dribble or eye contact. Curry is strong with the overhead pass and frequently uses an effective underhand pass with his left.

In terms of converting assists, the difference between Curry’s teammates at Davidson and wherever he ends up playing in the NBA will be more dramatic than any other player in the draft. He didn’t have a single teammate who was capable of going up into the air and getting the ball and they even blew countless easy lay-ups on potential assists. On the other hand, Curry’s teammates are less likely to be so wide open as he faced countless double teams and defensive schemes designed to stop him from scoring. It is a trade Curry will gladly make, however.

Curry’s handle is the ability he must work on the most on the offensive end of the floor. He is pretty good at going east and west, but he lacks the pure explosion and ball control to beat his man past their hip; he usually beats his man when they sell on a fake that he will pull up to shoot or via a savvy change of pace dribble. He shows some good jukes, whether between his legs or more frequently behind the back, but there is always a feeling that he is walking a tightrope when a quick defender gives him a lot of pressure. He very rarely will use his body to protect his dribble, which isn’t too shocking and will evolve along in time.

Stephen Curry Video Report

About Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry Highlights

Curry Highlight Mix

Curry’s Conditioning

Note: Curry averaged 33.7 minutes per game during the 2008-09 season.  A good sign for the Knicks.  D’Antoni is big on conditioning.

The Pedigree or Daddy Day Care

Note: Curry is a child prodigy because his father is a teacher (the same advantage as Mozart).  Curry (and his sharp shooting brother) is a very good and willing student.

NEXT: Brandon Jennings

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