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Fanatics Pre-Draft Scouting Report: Jonny Flynn

6’0″  196lbs

46% FG, 31.7% tre, 78% FT%, 17.4 ppg, 6.7 apg, 1.4 spg, 2.7 rpg, 3.4 tos

igm-gravatar-copyIGM ANALYSIS

Is this baller tall enough to lead a NBA team to the league championship?  Listed at 6’0″, he is 5’11 barefoot in the park.  But he is nice and long with a wingspan of 6’4″ to go along with his excellent speed and quickness.   Nevertheless, based on the videotape and the other scouting reports, I am a bit skeptical about Flynn’s ability to succeed in the D’Antoni all-offense-creates-defense scheme by taking us deep into the playoffs or close enough to the O’Brien Trophy.  We are reminded that the D’Antoni offense boosts everyone’s offensive skills  (even those of offending offensive players like Jared Jeffries’), so Flynn may produce some decent offensive stats but still show flaws that may not transcend (or improve) the offense or overcome the team’s lack of defensive prowess.

As usual, the visual highlights below accentuate the positive.  What is clear is that Flynn has speed and quickness as mentioned above.  He has range on his shot.  He has hops, so he can dunk and he can control his body to make difficult plays in mid-air and on the drive to the basket.  He can pass, often preferring the difficult mid-air pass or variations on the flying no-look or behind the back pass to a teammate in the paint.  He shows a little bit of pull-up shooting ability and he is able to stop and pop.  Flynn is also a showman.

What concerns me is what I don’t see.  I don’t see a real ability to score in the paint against big, long players.  While he can dish out some physicality, most of his drives to the basket don’t show him going up against bruising bodies. He will need to be effective going to the hole in this league.  I am reluctant to bet that he can handle the NBA inside game.

I also don’t see a solid mid-range game which will be essential in order to attract defenders away from the perimeter shooters and to counter the length he wii meet in the paint in the big league.  Of course, a mid-range game can always be developed.  The most recent proof of that is Rajon Rondo and to a lesser extent David Lee.

I don’t see him as a strong defender, which is a fault of these tapes which always focus on offensive highlights.  You can see him fill the lanes and pick off steals a couple of times, but I wonder how he is gong to guard the likes of Chris Paul, Chauncey Billups and Derrick Rose.  Speed and quickness alone won’t cut it.  I also wonder how successfully he will defend the pick and roll.

Offensively, in the NBA, he should benefit from learning the pick and roll.  He is quick and has a nice bounce pass in his repetoire. However, his turnover numbers are a bit off-putting and suggest that either he is careless and does not value possessions or he tires fast and is unable to execute frequently.  Either way, the high TO ratio also reflects poorly on his decision-making and his handle.

Flynn is a nice offensive talent, but if there is a better guard on the free agent market, I recommend taking him.  I like the potential of DeMar Rozan much better and would recommend Ty Lawson over Flynn if I were going to pick up a smallish guard.  I certainly still prefer Curry over Flynn.





Point guards like Jonny Flynn earn their paychecks on the court winning games in five on five settings, not in private workouts. Fortunately for Flynn, that was exactly what he was able to do in the month of March, leading his team to the Sweet 16. Regardless of the limitations of this evaluation, there were a couple of specific things we could learn or be reminded about here in Chicago.

As we saw at Syracuse, Flynn is one of the most explosive point guards in this draft, right in the same class as Brandon Jennings and Ty Lawson. His shiftiness in the open floor and pure speed getting up and down the court was very impressive, as were his ball-handling skills. While there wasn’t anything to take away from this setting in terms of evaluating his playmaking skills or court vision, it was great to see what a natural leader Flynn is around his cohorts. He looked incredibly focused and professional at all times, and really appears to have the ideal personality you look for at his position, as he’s extremely engaging and charismatic.

From a skills standpoint, Flynn shot the ball just OK in the two days we saw him. His mechanics are fine and there doesn’t appear to be anything ‘broke’ about his shot, but he didn’t seem to be all that consistent with the jumpers we saw him put up. As you’ll see in the interview, he seems to recognize the importance of improving this part of his game, and as long as he puts the work in, he will probably be fine.

The one thing that immediately stands out about Flynn when you first meet him is his size. It will be interesting to see how tall he measures out at the combine and whether that has any influence on his draft stock. He did seem to get getting after it quite a bit in the three on three portion of the workout, which will definitely help his cause on the defensive end.

Flynn has his fans in the lottery right now, and would appear to be in excellent shape one month before the draft.
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Situational Statistics: This Year’s Point Guard Crop
May 8, 2009
Jonny Flynn was fast enough to compensate for his size on the NCAA level.
Flynn was a standout in two areas: his ability to get to the rim, and his one-on-one skills. Thankfully for him, those are two skills that the NBA values dearly. Clearly, his productivity is grounded in his first step. Flynn got to the rim 8.8 times per game, which accounted for a lot of his scoring, but his 1.24 PPP in unguarded catch and shoot situations and .94 PPP on pull up jumpers are both very respectable. His 4.3 possessions per game on isolations are amongst the best amongst big-conference players, and his 41% shooting on those plays isn’t awful. Couple those tools with his capacity to drive in both directions and his ability to draw fouls (16.1% SF), and it becomes hard not to think that Flynn could be, at the very least, a high quality backup if he improves his efficiency, especially once he masters the pick and roll (.84 PPP).
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NBA Comparison: Damon Stoudamire

Weaknesses: Despite elite athleticism and quickness and good strength, Flynn is still just 6-feet tall. He will have a much tougher time attacking the rim against NBA big men than he did in college … Because of that, Flynn needs to develop a more consistent jumpshot … His lack of size is a concern as it takes a special talent to overcome the size issue … More of a scorer than a distributor. Detractors question his ability to play the point guard position and run a team. Is he a natural point guard? Is he really ready? On the positive side, he’s a heady player who will likely learn as he goes and improve … At this point in his career, he is capable of ocasionally knocking down a long-range shot, but still does most of his damage in the paint … Adding a strong 3-point shot and even a consistent 12-15 foot shot to his game would make Flynn virtually unguardable … Can overdribble at times, but Syracuse’s offense called for him to dominate the ball … Will need to adapt to not having the ball in his hands all the time when he gets to the NBA … Will also have to limit turnovers … Flynn averaged 3.4 TOs per game as a sophomore …

Notes: Flynn, the Big East co-Rookie of the Year (along with DeJuan Blair) in 2008-2009, enjoyed a sensational sophomore campaign that saw him average 17.4 points and 6.7 assists per game. He was arguably the best point guard in the country and, because of his explosiveness, passion and leadership qualities, Flynn projects as a late-lottery pick in this draft.

Kevin Duffy 5/23/09

Strengths: A very quick point guard with tremendous handles, and an uncanny ability to score in bunches … An excellent leaper … Possesses a nice crossover, in-and-out, and hesitation dribbles to blow by his defender … Puts constant pressure on the opposition by probing and attacking gaps as well as pushing the ball in transition at all times … Changes direction on the break with remarkable ease and effectiveness … Great pick and roll player, attacks switches and turns the corner extremely well to get to the hoop … Completes plays around the basket with a variety of strong finishes … Has a well developed mid-range game with pull ups going both ways as well as an effective floater … Great form on his shot; well balanced, high release point and excellent elevation, and can shoot out to NBA range … Very adept at getting his teammates easy hoops by driving and dishing … Good body strength … Great lateral quickness and foot speed could make him a nightmare on the defensive end by pressuring ball handlers … Has a competitive spirit and the intelligence to excel at the point guard position …

Weaknesses: While he is fairly strong, he could still put on some more muscle at 511 or under, is undersized for the next level, and could be a mismatch waiting to happen for bigger guards, luckily he is a very good athlete which helps to overcome his lack of ideal size … Playing strictly in a zone focused program will hurt his development defensively due to lack of experience and knowledge of man to man principles … Can get in trouble by trying to do too much and over-dribbling … Tends to play out of the offense and is known to take some ill-advised shots … Settles too often for shooting contested jump shots instead of using his ability to get in the lane His court vision is decent, but needs to keep developing and become a better decision maker … Keeps the ball too long in transition and gets careless with his passes … Although he has decent assist numbers (5.3 per), needs to get better at setting up his teammates, which will help him become a more complete lead guard …

Borko Popic – 4/2/2008

Strengths: Tremendous athlete who always seems to have the game under control … A real competitor who wants to take the big shots and excels in the clutch. His performance in the 6 OT UConn game (16-16 FT) was a good example … One of the quickest guards in college basketball. Exceptional at getting into the lane and fearless finishing (sometimes dunking) over power forwards and centers … Though he doesn’t look overly muscular, Flynn possesses – and utilizes – great body strength for a 180-pound guard … Can use both hands to finish at the rim. Exhibits great body control and creativity to get his shot off against taller defenders … Can get to the foul line as well as any point guard out there, creating contact at the rim … Is a clutch performer who has knocked countless late-game free throws in his two-year career at Syracuse … Makes the game look easy because of his elite speed and quickness … Lockdown defender on the perimeter. Flynn enjoys playing defense and seems to take pride in shutting down opposing point guards … Displays solid court vision and strong leadership abilities … Has the basketball IQ, focus and skills to excel as a pick-and-roll point guard at the next level. Small but long. Has a 6’4 wingspan at just 5’11 barefoot.


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