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The Los Angeles Lakers Are 2009 NBA Champions

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  1. @ O&B
    2009 NBA DRAFT:)
    Tickets will only be available to the public at the Madison Square Garden Box Office on June 25, 2009 beginning at 11:00am.

    ARRIVE EARLY: Please arrive one-hour prior to showtime. All packages, including briefcases and pocketbooks, will be inspected prior to entry.

    Comment by Peaceman | June 15, 2009 | Reply

    • OK Peaceman

      I’ll txt you about a good time to call.

      Look forward to having a blast Curry, Flynn or Jennings so long as it’s not Rubio.

      The main factor in that take is that the three mentioned all have taken on the others, Rubio has only interviewed.

      Show or Go! Show or Go!

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | June 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. Congratulations to the Lakers on winning the most competitive playoffs in modern history!The fans of the game got their money’s worth with the deception of the finals series.The Magi were revealed as two dimensional pretenders, Dwight, the mighty defender and the Jump Shooting Blanks (see Jon Barry quote below).Was this great basketball, or Pete’s Parity?Ask the Celtics, the true Loser’s. Their can be no joy in Beantown, Beantown.In fact the Portrait of Danny Ainge hanging next to the Portrait of Red Auerbach must both be showing fresh scars after last night.Ainge took quite a gamble for a Mormon.He bet on the health of the Big Three to carry them to a second championship after last year’s Perfect Storm (They actually got better after Garnett’s stomach injury!).But this year KG, last year’s real MVP, went down and the C’s wore out everyone in sight with half a team until losing to the Miracle Magi.Well, LA, the team the Celtics stomped, burst the Orlando Overachiever’s bubbles.So where does that leave the aging and injured C’s.Very sad and very mad!If everything went according to plan, the C’s with KG probably would have met the Lakers and kicked their asses, again.Why because despite Gasol putting on a little muscle, Bynum was no factor in these playoffs.Maybe he is not 100%, maybe he is just dumb, but he didn’t do much, so essentially you have almost the same team, ooh Trevor Ariza, I’m skurrred!Playing against what is probably one of the great defences of all time.Make no mistake, I am not a C’s, ptooey! fan, I am a fan of the game.With both teams absolutely healthy, the C’s are by far the better team.What happens next year?That’s why we play the games!Shaq to Cleveland could work for them, and for us.He only has one or two years left, and if LeBron wins one or two and Shaq leaves, who knows?It appears that the Nets are getting n bed with the Chinese bigger time.I wonder if a Chinese company buys a piece of an NBA team, and signs a contract in China to turn over that stock on the retirement of an NBA player could that circumvent a U.S.corporation’s internal rules on non-ownership?LeBron to the Nets for a piece, Cleveland?Who knows?As for Mike’s offensively offensive Philosophy, let’s ask Phil, I Got Ten NBA Titles,How Many Do You Have? Jackson.Phil what won you that game last night?De-Fence. De-Fence!Kobe, what did you learn last year??

    “We learned we had to be better defensively and better on the boards,” Bryant said.

    “A team that relies on just jump shots cannot win an NBA championship”-J. Barry

    “Kevin Garnett and Pau Gasol are the two most skilled centers in the NBA today!”-Magic

    We have David Lee in the middle, so we’re going to draft another shooter!
    Trade for a Big man!

    As for the Magi, they got lost on the way to the Grail.Better way is to trade Turkeyboo-boo, plays no D,to Pizza Hut for a Pizz’on and instead sign Boozer.He can score inside while D-Mighty figures out a money-move.Sign Moses Malone instead of Ewing.It’s like looking in the mirror.Patience Knick fans, we’re going to need it!LGK

    Comment by Tman | June 15, 2009 | Reply

  3. I recall that Brent Barry quote and that’s why I’m so unbelievably perplexed why so many fan boys think a shooter who was primarily a 2 in college, Curry, can be pegged into the round hole of a point guard.

    The Flaws of the Magic Mircale Finals run formula was exposed when a team w/o an offensive force inside, sounds like the Knicks currently sans a motivated E City, had to chuck up jumpers as the ridiculously one dimensional Howard was gobbled up by the Lakers active interior D.

    Will Stehphen’s Curry jumper save the Knicks if E Chunky can’t get back to playing like an offensive force.

    There are three ways to suck in the defense IMHO: 1)a true post force whose offensive ability and skillset demands a double team; 2) getting the defense on the back peddle on fast break opportunities- D’antoni’s strategy, which in NY devolves into chucking as a result of the lack of a true fast break floor general; 3) a floor general capable of getting deep into the paint and finishing either via the pick and roll or by creating his own penetration who can draw that defense inside.

    The 1st requires that the center be a capable passer and have the bball IQ sufficient for him to feel the defense collapsing, and kick out the ball to initiate the open shots on the wing so as to keep the interior defense honest and maintaining the work space for that center to operate against opposing defenses.

    The 2nd requires a floor general capable of running the fast break. Arguably this team does not have such a player in Duhon- Jennings or Flyn could provide that type of floor leadership as they develop within the year or two of Summer League and regular season ball played in the mean time to 2010.

    Since the Knicks cannot rely on Eddy Curry turning around his career or developing the awareness and unselfishness to be the interrior scoring force needed by the Knicks, Stephen Curry’s premuim calling card of shooting does not provide the insurance blanket needed by the knicks who are in dire need of an impact offensive facilitator at the point to insure against Eddy’s possible demise.

    The answers again IMHO for the point a true point are either Johnny Flynn or Brandon Jennings!

    Rubio,… hasn’t shown here so no show no go!


    Here’s something for my boy Steady on his boy Jennings…

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | June 15, 2009 | Reply

  4. I have a devils advocate argument for Stephen Curry but as will be shown that argment also falls short as a persuasive argument for another frail chucker on the Knicks squad.

    Damn them Fan Boys!

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | June 15, 2009 | Reply

  5. Tman

    Thabeet as our human eraser, if E Chunky could get back to form would be a solid pick as well. But as past history has shown E. Chunky has let the Knicks down to often to believe he will rehabilitate himself.

    But that said, my draft preferences are Flynn, Jennings, or Thabeet. if neither are available then take the best player available.

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | June 15, 2009 | Reply

  6. Steady

    Brandon Jennings is working out for the Knicks today.

    Let’s hope he wows them silly and knocks some sense into them with his skillset and physical abilities!

    lets Go Knicks!

    I’m outtie for the day!

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | June 15, 2009 | Reply

  7. Seven foot something with defensive instincts is not a bad place to start.Tha-(to the D)-beet is no more of a risk than the big Stanford kid in Jersey.Worst case scenario you get Mutombo, upside is he can shoot a little and has some attitude.He just might become the real deal.That’s worth a shot over any shorty right there.Trade up for him if necessary.If he shows well he’ll be attractive to other free agents after next year.Everyone else,aside from the Griffin, is pissing in the wind.You might get a little wet, or a lot.The wind is in control, not you.Or you could package the pick in a trade for a real baller, like Boozer.

    O&B1, After a made basket it is usually harder to score because a bucket allows the opponent’s D to set up.Easy hoops come in quick transition when you have defensive turnovers of every kind.In order to do that you need to pressure the ball a la Pitino, or funnel people to where you can get doubling help or shot blocking. The present C’s, old C’s, Old Knicks, present Lakers, etc. do that.Orlando doesn’t do that depending on Dwight’s might to hold back the Ocean as they flow to him.He is a fabulous shotblocker and rebounder.Deserves all the credit in the world for leading his team to a Finals.But they have to become better defenders as individuals, and particularly as a team.Dwight is fine on the defensive end.Russell didn’t need to score, but his guys were much better at defending and capitalizing on their roles.Unfortunately, we the Knicks, have no Dwight.Put Big D-All-Dwighty in NY and you have the mini-Magic.He’s that good on his side of the ball,and that’s a crack-a-lack-in fact!Supposedly our plan is to bring in D’Antoni’s guys and rebuild.What are we rebuilding?Our “feel good” offense?We need to get bigger, stronger, meaner and defend better.We score more than 100 points per, but we regularly give up more than we get.Real coaches know that games are won and lost in practice.Guys who don’t practice D will never win anything, except by accident.My last piece of advice to our braintrust is to trade our pick for Turkolu,the Michael Jordan of Turkey.He plays no D, has a great sense of humor and loves pizza.NY pizza is the best, so we should be on the inside track with him.Most important he is master of the “feel good” offense and a good loser.He’s a perfect fit.So is my foot and the TV screen.It’s gonna be a long summer.LGK

    Comment by Tman | June 15, 2009 | Reply

  8. T’Man

    I agree with both statements below. I did not address the defensive side of the equation, not b/c Mike [ ]’Antoni has had an influence on me but b/c it is well known that on this site no one preaches the importance of D better than you.

    True that no matter who we get at point or center there does and will exist a need to develop the current Knicks into better overall defenders. Good schematics and more than a passing brush at that end of the ball is needed.

    Your point about Thabeet is well taken. The question is how much to we give up to obtain Thabeet? Would Lee and our 8 for Memphis’s 2 make sense. Who do we slot in to fill the 4 spot with Lee gone? Would that be Curry?

    What’s your take brother T’Man?

    O&B1, After a made basket it is usually harder to score because a bucket allows the opponent’s D to set up.Easy hoops come in quick transition when you have defensive turnovers of every kind.In order to do that you need to pressure the ball a la Pitino, or funnel people to where you can get doubling help or shot blocking.

    We score more than 100 points per, but we regularly give up more than we get.Real coaches know that games are won and lost in practice.Guys who don’t practice D will never win anything, except by accident.

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | June 15, 2009 | Reply

  9. I would definitely give up Lee and our 8 to get the two.What am I giving up, we have a losing team and Lee can’t defend the 4, or score down low with a killer post-up move at the 4 or 5.To be fair, he does score off the board, and in transition, but you have to give to get.Remember, he wants big money.If his name were Milsap or Boozer he might actually get it.Remember, we’re a team that loses games badly.Keep N8, unless he can get us exactly what we need.LA likes N8 and I can see why, instant O and Jackson and Kobe can get him to play D.He needs a real coach and a real team, not one inspired by peyote binging and vino.Donny must have gotten screwed by the Simons in Indy.He’s too smart to go along with this BS for any other reason than a golden parachute.To the best of my recollection Dean Smith’s teams always played D, so for him to pick No’D’Antoni is an aberration, unless the oders came from a higher souurce.The NBA has come out of these playoffs golden.Their second most marketable, miraculous after that rape charge,player has raised their profile to the point that NBA China is throwing money at them.Stern is making everybody money, except the players who are poised for a screwing in their next contract.Oh well, “$50,000,000 Slaves” will become “$40,000,000 Dollar Slaves”.They can’t expect everything!Things like the NBA curtailing the freedom of an 18 year old who can be asked to die for his country to also be able to get a job bouncing a basketball.And keep those public service messages about opening afterschool programs, reading programs, etc coming.Exactly what percentage of the NBA’s earnings is devoted to the communities they take their money out of?I’m betting it’s a fraction of a percent.Here’s a final thought from one of the richest men in the world, our mayor, Mr.Bloomberg, “Anyone who thinks professional sports is about anything but money is a fool!”LGK

    Comment by Tman | June 15, 2009 | Reply

  10. Fanatics,

    The Knicks do have some pieces available to move up in the draft.If they don’t get Thabeet it is not worth trading up.We need a highly-skilled player this year to lure some free agents in 2010.

    Comment by DLTKnicks | June 15, 2009 | Reply

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