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Fanatics Pre-Draft Scouting Report: Gerald Henderson

6’5″, 215lbs

16.5ppg, 2.5 apg, 2.5spg, 4.9 rpg, 45% 2pt%,  33.6% 3pt%

igm-gravatar-copyIGM KNICKS ANALYSIS

Today is the big day –Draft day.  The landscape is still murky and no one is sure what moves the teams early in the draft will make.  Consequently, (as usual for the draft), the Knicks brain trust must be prepared with a number of scenarios and options when it is their turn to pick at the 8th spot, unless they make a move earlier in the draft.

Mock drafts, for the most part, are useless in determining who will go where especially since the NBA executives use them to mask their true intentions in order to gain one up on the opposition.   The mocks have been turned on their heads with the recent move by Minnesota to gain the fifth pick (they already have teh 6th)  in the draft leading to speculation that they will go after a big and a guard, thereby taking one of the Knicks top options off the board.  According to one beat reporter those preferred options, in order, are Ricky Rubio, Stephen Curry and Tyreke Evans.  If those three are gone, then he expects the Knicks to turn to Gerald Henderson, Jrue Holiday and Brandon Jennings with Henderson leading the pack.

Henderson is a low risk, but weak choice for the Knicks because he does not necessarily fill their most pressing need, an athletic big and a point guard.  Henderson is an athletic and savvy two guard with great hops and smart defensive instincts.  He is an NBA legacy, as his dad was a Knick.  He has been around the NBA most of his life and is familiar with what it will take to suceed in this business. He is considered a solid character.  He is likely to be in this league a long time and will probably end up as a coach or assistant coach after his career is over.

I don’t think there is a lot to say about his game, except that he is athletic and solid.  He is strong under and around the rim.  He can get the ball in from various angles and is strong on the drive.  His jump shot is nice, with a smooth but not necessarily quick release, particularly from mid-range. He is not considered the greatest jump shooter in the world, but he has an all-round game and is probably more of a solid reserve than a perennial starter.

He is a proven winner, but so is his fellow alum — Chris Duhon who has proven that he is not right for this system.

The most intriguing part of his game is his defensive capabilities and instincts.  His defense will keep him in this league a long time.  That attribute may make him attractive to D’Antoni who has voiced his preference for instinctively defensive-minded players (since he doesn’t preach defense).  However, the notion that the Knicks have a gaping hole at shootig guard is only true if Nate Robinson is signed and traded.

I like Henderson.  He has all the attributes to be a good pro, but he would not be my choice for these Knicks at the 8th spot.  (However, if I were the GM for Charlotte, I’d take him in a heartbeat.



NBA Comparison: Latrell Sprewell/ Dahntay Jones

Strengths: One of the more athletic and explosive wing players in this draft class … Has come into his own during his JR season and has become a reliable scoring option as he has expanded his offensive repertoire … His shooting has improved drastically … He is not only comfortable with the spot up from beyond the arc, but he can now reliably put the ball on the deck and get into the paint and elevate for a nice pull up … Makes difficult and contested shots with regularity … Uses a nice up and under move from the perimeter to draw contact … Off the dribble his game has changed as well, where earlier he was strictly a one move player, he is now able to incorporate a counter move to get by the defender when he gets cut off … Combining his strength with his nice first step, he can comfortably get by defenders … His leaping ability allows him to convert on a variety of difficult and acrobatic shots, both from midrange and around the hoop … On finishes, not only is he able to get above the rim, but his terrific body control allows him to take contact and still give the ball a chance to go in … Is not afraid to take the contact going to the basket … Has become a good finesse finisher as well, playing the angles and using the backboard … Put up some very impressive stats while playing less than 30 minutes per game on the season … Knows when he needs to take over, he is not scared to put his head down and attack the basket … Has improved his free-throw shooting in each season, brining it to a respectable 76% … As a defender he is also valuable, because he plays good man-to-man but he also understands the team defense principles, playing the lanes and helping weakside … He is not afraid to take the gamble at times and overplay the pass, or cheat off his defender to block a shot …

Weaknesses: At 6-4 he is undersized for an SG, and at this point his game is still more in the mold of an SF, which would make him extremely undersized … While his shooting has shown great improvements, he is not a pure shooter and as a result he goes through periods of inconsistency … Part of the problem is his shot being flat, which results in a lot of front rim misses and becomes even worse when fatigue sets in … His game is not overly smooth, at times he looks mechanical and as if he’s thinking through his move, rather than just playing naturally … Gets carried away at times, trying to make the difficult play rather that take what’s there … He averaged 2.2 turnovers per game, and for his career, he has more TOs than assists … Has games where his shot is not falling and it completely throws him off offensively, he is a rhythm type player and if it’s not his day he has a hard time playing out of it … Even though his shot has improved and he has more confidence from long range, he still shot a fairly poor percentage (34%).

Borko Popic – 5/22/2009

Strengths: Wing with excellent combination of athleticism and skills … Should turn into a star at Duke, with his ability to score and contribute in a multitude of ways … Can break players down off the dribble, as well as score around the basket … Very fluid and explosive athlete, excels in the open floor where hes able to use his tremendous athletic ability … Has good body strength, which should only improve with time giving him the ability to finish in traffic … At 6-5 and with long arms and athleticism he has good size for the SG position … Shows a high level of intelligence on the floor … Has the potential to be a terrific defender with his quick hands and feet and desire to improve … Has a basketball background with his father having logged a long career giving him the added feel for the game like a coaches son … Shows a great deal of potential as an NBA wing prospect … Unselfish team player, looks to find teammates instead of solely looking for his own shot … Weaknesses: Hasn’t been able to sustain any level of consistency after one season at Duke. This is partly attributed to his asthma condition which has limited his continuous minutes on the floor. The condition is not considered to be a major problem for the future, but surely held him back as a freshman … Shot just 62% from the free throw line, so he must improve upon that … Needs to develop better shooting from behind the arc: 32% as a freshman … His ball handling ability, while decent can improve …

Notes: Had a decent showing overall shooting 45% from the field in his freshman season, but should look to improve upon his scoring numbers at 6.8 ppg as a freshman … Was part of an ugly incident unintentionally breaking Tyler Hansbrough nose on a hard foul in a 2006 match up with North Carolina … Gerald’s father, Gerald Sr., played 13 years in the NBA.

Aran Smith – 9/8/2007

Situational Statistics: This Year’s Shooting Guard Crop

April 27, 2009
Gerald Henderson is largely a mixed bag from what we can see, as it doesn’t appear that he was all that comfortable shouldering a huge offensive load at Duke.

Henderson’s usage rate is well below average, as he falls much closer to the lower tier prospects in terms of the amount of possessions he used (16.5 Pos/G) than he did to the top guys. Something that is a bit concerning is that he was not particularly efficient in the relatively small amount of possessions he did use. His .95 PPP is only slight above the average of .93, and while some of that can be accounted for by the fact that he doesn’t take many threes, his 44% shooting on logged possessions can’t. Just slightly above the average of 43%, Henderson doesn’t look all that good when compared to some of his peers from that perspective. Henderson obviously liked to shoot quite a bit of long 2-pointers—normally considered a bad shot at the collegiate level—so polishing up this part of his game should make him more efficient.

Fortunately, Henderson is an athlete of the highest caliber, and that really shines through in some areas –namely his ability to finish around the basket. He ranked fourth in that category behind Jermaine Taylor (very limited sample size), Wayne Ellington and James Harden, and first in finishing off cuts, at a tremendous 77%. Surprisingly enough, though, Henderson ranks third to last amongst 19 shooting guards in terms of the amount of possessions he received in transition, which tells us quite a bit about Duke’s half-court oriented approach.

As a shot-creator, Henderson looks excellent, both in terms of the volume of shots he was able to create in isolation situations (ranking 5th), and in his ability to convert these opportunities, at 42%. He also appears capable of making some plays on the pick and roll, which is a nice bonus. Like a lot of college players we looked at, Henderson is much better operating with his strong hand (his right)—converting 51% of his drives with that hand, compared with just 37% with his left. This part of his game is going to be key for him moving forward, as he ranks quite poorly as a jump shooter compared to his peers in his ability to catch and shoot (.7 PPP guarded, 1.15 PPP unguarded) or pull-up off the dribble (.79 PPP). Henderson made big strides with his perimeter jump-shot this past season, but he obviously still has a long ways to go.

In terms of his ability to contribute immediately, there are a lot of reasons to like Henderson. He does not turn the ball over much at all (5th) and draws fouls at a nice rate (5th). His athleticism hives him some considerable upside, and his defensive ability and playmaking skills are important to his stock as well. At this point, Henderson’s limitations are abundantly obvious, but they also appear to be highly correctable, and he does other things well enough to make an impact while he rounds out the rest of his game.


Gerald Henderson in High School

Henderson College (2007-2008)

Gerald Henderson ACC POY Campaign Video

Gerald Henderson Puts Hard Foul On Hansborough

Gerald Henderson Combine Interview


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  1. Fanatics,

    The Fat Lady sings tonight. Will it be a Balla, or a Buster?

    Walsh’s comment, “We are looking forward to 2010. Don’t judge until 2010”.

    Peace & Blessings!

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