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Brandon Jennings says F*ck the Knicks and Chris Duhon Ain’t Gettin it Done


YouTube – Brandon Jennings says Fuck the Knicks, Fuck Rubio, Chris Duhon aint Gettin it Done.

June 30, 2009 - Posted by | Brandon Jennings, Rick Rubio


  1. Perhaps the most important line in the entire tape is Jenning’s response to Budden when he warns him not to screw up in Milwaukee: It went something like “Naw, you know me. I’m trying to be somebody.”

    Now, is that a measurement of his heart or just a declaration of his guiding principle without a solid business plan to back it up?

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | June 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. You could tell by the video that Jennings did not know he was being taped, but the big story is now that Jennings was a victim of Joe Budden who is known to tape his friends for a reality TV show. Apparently, Jennings needs to do a better job of selecting his buddies. What is Budden saying now? I’ll let you know ehn I find out myself.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | June 30, 2009 | Reply

  3. A source told Ken Berger that he believes David Lee’s days as with the Knicks are over.

    Agent Mark Bartelstein will reportedly have Lee sign an offer sheet with the Grizzlies or Thunder that the Knicks will not be willing to match.

    “It’s a tough loss for New York, but they don’t want to screw up their 2010 plan,” the source said.


    Comment by Paul | June 30, 2009 | Reply

    • I ran through the ESPN Trade Machine and did a rough calculation of the contracts coming of both Memphis’ and OKC’s books and the franchises would have about 8.4 and 8.9 million in cap space respectively.

      From what I’ve gathered a reasonable offer for lee is in the 7-8 million range.

      Will the Knicks be pursuing sign and trade options with teams willing to match the scales offered by Memphis and OKC?

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | June 30, 2009 | Reply

      • On the other hand there are reports out there that indicate that many teams may very well be hesitant to pay out alot this year to those players in the restricted and unrestricted free agent crop due to the continuing economic downturn.

        Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 1, 2009

  4. Jennings just asked me to send him the Slaughterhouse album… sounds like a set up.. might be tryin’ to get even !!!about 2 hours ago (8:54pm) from web

    from Joe Buden TV on Twitter

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | June 30, 2009 | Reply

  5. If Knicks are serious about offering Kidd a 1 – 3 year mid-level contract, as rumored, then they are not going to
    bid for Sessions as I would have hoped. If offer is indeed made to Kidd, then Walsh is totally fixated on his 2010 fantasy plan. The combination of Kidd (whose defense is in a dying phase, and Duhon will not enhance much.

    One of the concerns I have regarding the 2010 fantasy plan, is that players about to become free agents in 2010 will exert their best efforts against the Knicks as a way to audition their skills under game-time conditins. There will be few, if any, easy games for Knicks to rest players.
    Knick fans will likely suffer another futile season, end up up in the lottery with no draft pick and no playoff experience to build upon. Walsh must somehow realize this and work toward a real upgrade this season. My wish: get

    Comment by Post-up Prince | July 1, 2009 | Reply

    • Very interesting point post up.

      Actually if all these potential 2010 free agents signees are going to amp up there performance against the Knicks that scenario may give the Knicks an opportunity to assess the wheat from the chaffe.

      Why do I say this?

      Well seeing the free agents go all out will help the organization discern which players put up points against them and which are all around impact players whose games impact their respective teams.

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  6. Here’s a question or two to start off a discussion about our beloved Knicks.


    a) With the retirement of Dikembe Mutombo and the foot injury to Yao Ming, possibly career threatening, is it prudent for the Knicks to re-explore discussion they had previously had with the Rockets to trade Eddy Curry?

    The Rockets have about 6 million in trade exceptions and certain small contracts that can help round out the trade to match Curry’s salary of 9 million.

    b) While such a trade, the one discussed above, would be essentially giving away Curry is that more prudent than to attempt to rehabilitate his value in the [ ]’antoni system in order to attempt to trade him for more transitional assets in return?

    2) Would signing Jason Kidd to a 3 year contract be a prudent move? Consider: a) his preferred style of play, fast pace if you’ll remember his Nets teams; b) the respect he commands amongst the 2008 USA basketball team, many of whom are free agents in 2010; c) His possible ability to facilitate the [ ]’antoni offense and possibly maximize the possible trade value of players the Knicks are looking to trade- Eddy Curry, Jared Jefferies.

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  7. A shout-out to Steph for sending us yet another little jolt of poison today, warning FA’s to stay away from NY. Stay classy, fam.

    Is 2010 a Phant’sy? Yeah, probably….but fiscal discipline has its own rewards.

    Here’s how i’d like to see the summer play out:

    1) Sign-n-trade Nate & Jeffries to Sacto for Kenny Thomas’ expiring contract and dross (Bobby Jackson? Depends on what Nate agrees to with Sacto)

    2) Package Eddy Curry & Cat Mobley for the injured T-Mac

    3) Sign Allen Iverson to a one year deal for the full midlevel exemption

    4) Extend Lee at something reasonable (the rumored 4 year $32 million sounds like a reasonable figure from both ends, particularly if it is back-loaded)

    Start Darko, Lee, Al Buckets, Will & Iverson.

    Youngsters Hill & Gallo come off the bench, with veteran Duhon to steady the second unit.

    Hughes becomes the ninth man, injury protection and trade deadline bargaining chip. Douglas & others (Wilcox? Sene? Joe Crawford? ) fill out the end of the bench.

    Many NY’ers will embrace Iverson’s effort, passion and fearlessness, revitalized by a chance to be “the man” again (Al Buckets will have to adjust to being the #2 option). We won’t be a contender, but we’ll be in the mix for the #8 playoff spot and will be an entertaining team to watch.

    2010 now has both Jeffries AND Curry off the books, with no free agent or Nate extended to $5M+ per annum long term deals. We’ll be sufficiently under to sign two max FA’s that year, or not depending on how they do.

    Comment by Paul | July 1, 2009 | Reply

    • Paul:

      Nice scenario except for the following 2..

      “2) Package Eddy Curry & Cat Mobley for the injured T-Mac”

      From what I’ve gathered Houston would like, and attempt, to flip McGrady’s expiring contract for at the very least a draft pick.

      While I don’t think with McGrady at the current stage in his career may warrant a high draft pick from a lottery bound team a team in the playoffs or on the cusp might be willing to trade a draft pick,… if,… and I me if that team believes McGrady’s acquisition can help improve their chances of getting to the playoffs or advancing therein.

      That said, McGrady’s early exits and lower production in teh Playoff’s is bluff looking to be called when it comes to Houston’s desire to acquire a 1st round pick for their fading star player.

      On the other hand, check out the following article on Yahoo.sports don’t lie:,174044

      Houston appears to be in place to make a bid to acquire the Polish Gavel, Marcin Gortat to help fill the void at the 5 for Houston. Don’t get me wrong, many Knicks fans recall the offensive talent of Curry’s several years ago but his regression with the failed Zach-Randolph pairing experiment sent the pillsberry big man into a downward spiral, which he has not recovered from yet.

      Gortat if acquired is Houston’s leverage in working out any deal to acquire Curry’s services at the 5 on the offensive end. Also take into account that the Houston GM is a big proponent of money ball and prefers players whose performance on the court makes and impact regardless of the players penchant to produce in any one of several particular statistical categories. Houston’s GMs prefer selfless hustle type players like Battier.

      So Curry may be an option for Houston in a trade but they may not give up McGrady whom they still may believe, mistakenly or otherwise, can yield more in return.

      “3) Sign Allen Iverson to a one year deal for the full midlevel exemption”

      I know AI may make for quite some shows at the Garden but doesn’t [ ]’Antoni ball prefer players who are more proficient at keeping the ball in motion and are looking to get the ball to an open man who is in position for a higher percentage shots.

      Players like AI who tend to stop the flow of the offense may not be what the Knicks are looking for.

      Also AI may be percieved around the league as a team chemistry killer at this stage in his career. Sure He’ll produce stats but will that translate to wins. Recall the Pistons produced wins at a higher clip w/o AI in the starting lineup.

      Those are just my long winded two cents.

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 1, 2009 | Reply

      • Well, i’m not sure who puts in a #1 for McGrady. He’ll be in the final year of a huge contract next season, and is expected to miss most – if not all – of the season.

        Mobley’s insurance money could offset the luxury tax damage of a Gortat/Curry 2-headed hydra. i cannot say that i have heard Houston speak of financial constraints, however. The real question is: are centers so rare that Gortat floats above the mid-level exemption salary structure? He could be the big winner of this summer, aside from Ben Gordon & Charlie V.

        Was the “Polish Gavel” an Ivan “Polish Hammer” Putski reference?

        Iverson would just be entertainment. To be honest, i think we would be so uptempo that Iverson wouldn’t have a lot of chances to bog down the offense….and he does share the ball in transition. i see lots of treys for Gallo & Harrington off of fastbreak penetration. i do understand AI is not a pup anymore, so maybe he’ll be happy with 20 shots a night in 32 minutes as the primary ballhandler when he is on the floor.

        The HOF coach in Charlotte may have enough stroke to offer him a 3 year deal at full midlevel or whatever and that would likely kill this idea though.

        Iverson would just be marketing, an amusing fling to entertain us while we microanalyse LeBron’s every facial tick related to 2010. I’m fully aware of his flaws, i just think that this particular scenario i outlined could play into his strengths a bit while hiding his weaknesses. i think he would also respond very favorably to Coach D’Antoni’s “positivity” mandate. Just bloggin’. =)

        Comment by Paul | July 1, 2009

  8. Very creative Paul. They should give you that job. I’ll need to consider that scenario more deeply over an apple martini or two. The entertainment value might be worth it while we get to the truth about 2010.

    Post-up. I agree with your concerns regarding Kidd, but I am betwixt and between disgust and resignation. I think that Kidd is a better free agent move than he made last year. I already see Kidd getting run all over the place, refusing to take mid-range jumpers, not penetrating fully to the rim and just being plain old and slow relative to the premier youngsters that will be out there today. I can see it.

    But I also see him making nifty passes to the perimeter and leading the fast break with Chandler, Gallinari and Hill on the wings.

    I guess I see us losing too and in the tank without a pick. Damn. Maybe I’ll og with Paul’s double your pleasure in 2010 scenario. Damn.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  9. The 2009 Knicks summer league roster features four former lottery picks.

    Nikoloz Tskitishvili, Yaroslav Korolev and Mouhamed Sene will join Jordan Hill on the team.

    Also on the team are Patrick Ewing, Jr. and Utah’s 2007 first round pick, Morris Almond.

    Comment by Paul | July 1, 2009 | Reply

    • Hope Ewing Jr. shows some improvement over last season, I envisioned him with his hops, lenght, and perceived toughness could develop into the Knicks version of Paul Millsap, Jason Maxiel, Ronny Turiaf type of undersized but rugged 4.

      Hope that happens.

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 1, 2009 | Reply

      • Add Brandon Bass to that list of scrappy undersized Power Forwards

        Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 1, 2009

      • Ten bucks say he sticks this time and becomes a “Greg Butler” type player that fans chant for at the end of games.

        But the phrase “If he could only learn to shoot” is the oldest, most seductive con in the NBA book. It is the equivalent of datings “She has a great personality!”

        Comment by Paul | July 1, 2009

  10. Grizzlies’ owner Michael Heisley has apparently not given GM Chris Wallace approval to make a lucrative offer to David Lee.

    Lee is a restricted free-agent but the Knicks may not match a contract at or near $10 million per season.


    With OK City apparently eyeing the marginally cheaper but comparable Paul Millsap, i think Mr. Lee’s agent better start using up his cellphone minutes in the next seven days before that door closes any tighter. =)

    Comment by Paul | July 1, 2009 | Reply

    • I heard the very same thing about the Grizz Exec not allowing the GM to open up the purse string for Lee.

      Millsap is a more rugged old school 4 despite being undersized. Utah is rumored to want to retain Millsap and may be persuaded to consider a trade with Detroit involving Boozer in exchange for Rip Hamilton. Heard this on ESPN.

      So Boozer is still coveted by his current club is comparable in the market with Lee is being pursued by OKC, meanwhile Detroit may address it’s need at the 4 by trading with Utah and is looking to acquire Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva in an offseason respackling.

      Portland is also stated to be in hot pursuit of Hedo Turkoglu…

      Many of the teams considered to be in position to offer Lee a market for a larger extension may well indeed not be int he mix to stir the bidding way Mark Bartlestein envisioned helping Lee’s signing value.

      Hope it plays out that way so the Knicks can retain Lee with the reasonable offer in the 7.5 to 8.5 million per annum figure.

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  11. Paul:

    I don’t know if AI would sign a 1 year contract for the MLE; Kidd also may also a better offer from M. Cuban to remain with Dallas. Walsh may simply be doing Kidd a favor so that Cuban will ante-up more for Jason.

    I would offer Eddy Curry to Houston or any other team in return for almost any player holding a one-year expiring contract along with a no. 1 draft choice in 2010.

    I like the fact that Knicks signed Morris Almond to their Vegas Summer League team. He may prove to be a good sized
    (6-5) 2 guard who can shoot 3’s and fit into an up-tempo offense. If Patrrick Ewing Jr. shows enough, Knicks can move Chris Wilcox in a potential trade scenario.

    I still think Knicks want to retain Lee and will offer a reasonably structured 3 – 4 year increasing-term contract he will accept: 5-6 million in 2009-10; 6-7 million in 2010-11; 7-8 million in 2011-2012; and a mutually optional 8 – 9 million in 2012 – 2013. If other teams offer more, Knicks will sign and trade; they will not let him go for nothing.

    Comment by Post-up Prince | July 1, 2009 | Reply

    • Good points, Post-Up, but…

      1) i think Iverson has far less suitors than Kidd this summer. Iverson faltered in Denver and absolutely hit the skids in Detroit, to the point where he talked of retirement. Most contenders won’t touch him, as O&B alluded, due to chemistry-killing problems. Kidd can have a home on all of the teams in the league, it is just a question of how much and for how long.

      2) i too would part with a #1 to be rid of Curry – unfortunately, our 2010 pick is already gone as a result of Isiah’s Marbury trade. We cannot trade our 2011 pick as you cannot trade first round picks in back to back years (the Ted Stepien Rule). Therefore, we either use Mobley insurance kicker/Balkman trade exception to sweeten a deal, or some other inducement.

      3) Co-sign on Almond, young, cheap & hungry is the way to go.

      4) Wilcox expired last season, he is an unrestricted free agent who almost certainly will not re-sign with NY.

      Comment by Paul | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  12. Wow, Joe Dumars has moved boldly and already locked up both Charlie Villanueva & Ben Gordon for 5 years each at $90M combined.

    A man with a plan. He is not flawless, but he is quick, decisive and hard-hitting.

    Somebody cue Bill Laimbeer’s theme music.

    Comment by Paul | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  13. Paul:

    Thanks for the correction on Wilcox. There is no need for Wilcox with Lee, Darko, Hill and possibly P. Ewing Jr. The latter now has a chance to make the team along with Sene, if both show well in Vegas.

    All free agent offers must be made by July 7th and signed on to by the players on the 8th. I expect Walsh will do more than just talk to Kidd. Then again, he may have a deal already worked out and just wants to see what offers are made for Lee and Nate; he then signs up or matches trade offfers for one or both (Lee is likely retained), and completes tenatative deal(s) with one or more other teams. But if he waits too long to present offers, the best of the free agents will be gone and so will his bargaining position.

    Comment by Post-up Prince | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  14. The Plain Dealer of Cleveland, citing anonymous sources, reported Wednesday that James and Artest met Tuesday in Los Angeles. James, the league MVP, was in Los Angeles on Sunday for the BET awards. Bauman declined to comment on the report.Oh.Oh!That’s real trouble!

    Stephon Marbury, who becomes a free agent again today, believes star players should be cautious about signing with the Knicks because of Mike D’Antoni’s offensive scheme and the way the organization treats people. “I wouldn’t want to play in that system,” Marbury told The Post. “That system can’t win championships. You can’t win championships if you don’t talk about defense. In Boston, the coaches even play defense.’

    He may be crazy, he’s sure not stupid!

    Do we really want a 39 year old point guard in two years?Hell yeah if he is also a great defender with a desire to be a coach.Kidd has fire in his belly and the game in his blood.He did a great job coaching the Nets to two finals.We could do a lot worse, We are doing a lot worse right now.

    The Past is no mystery, and that’s why Lee is history
    The Present is pain, pure pain, without any defensive gain,
    And a Future with Milli & Vanilli sings its own sad, sad song.
    But Kool Aid ain’t part of a Fanatic’s game,
    Clyde, Cap and Patrick showed us the Way.
    We’re waiting, still…
    Maybe… not patiently
    For the Real D’eal!

    Comment by The waiter | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  15. HAHAHAHA what a bizarre trade!

    The Grizzlies have agreed to trade Quentin Richardson to the Clippers for Zach Randolph.

    Richardson, whose contract expires after this season, was traded by the Knicks to the Grizzlies for Darko Milicic on draft night.

    The Clippers no longer had a need for Randolph, whom they acquired from the Knicks last November, with number one pick Blake Griffin inheriting the team’s power forward duties.

    The deal will not become official until next week.

    Comment by Paul | July 1, 2009 | Reply

  16. Once again Zach is traded for so little. Getting rid of his salary for future cap space apparently supersedes all other considerations. Clips evidently believe Blake Griffen can play the 4 spot starting day one.

    Grizzlies now have Thabeet to block shots and Zach to score and get rebounds. Not a bad front line, especially if Thabeet covers up for Zach’s lack of D. Now Zach must show willingness to pass the ball to Rudy Gay and O J Mayo. With Mike Conley at the point, Memphis can field a respectable starting five along with Mark Gasol, Darius Miles and Hakim Warrick off the bench. They may be more interesting to watch than the Knicks next season. I may be tempted to subscribe to NBA Pass.

    Comment by Post-up Prince | July 2, 2009 | Reply

  17. Post-script by Post-up to above:

    Since Memphis opted for Zach, there is one less team likely to make a bid for Lee. Does Lee really want to play in O.K. City for a million or so more per year than Knicks will offer. Can he not make that up in a New York market where his popularity can be converted into $ endorsements and appearances, more if Knicks can build a championship team.

    With Ben Gordon now going to Chicago, the Bulls may show some interest in Nate Robinson. By getting Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, Richard Hamilton as well as Allen Iverson may be history in Detroit. Chicago may match Gordon’s salary and look to work trade with Detroit to receive Hamilton as compensation.

    Comment by Post-up Prince | July 2, 2009 | Reply

  18. We got nuttin’.

    Jason Kidd gets toasted in the playoffs, yet he is the first person we attempt to sign?

    We got to go back to another 5-year plan, wait until New York wakes up and discovers we got nuttin’.

    We don’t have one premier defender on the team, we are not going to win this year, yet we look to sign a defensive nightmare. Nothing against Kidd, but if all the guards are not emphasizing quickness, his days are numbered. He couldn’t guard the international guards in the Olympics. He is done. The new NBA is about quickness and deep-shooting. He cannot provide either.

    Besides, why would we need him if we are waiting for the ultimate ball-hog (“LeBron”)? LeBron is not waiting for a slick pass from Kidd.

    We have no clue, no real plan. We are going to “lose” LeBron to the NETS. the fucking NETS!!!! what does that say about us????!!!!!

    We got nuttin fellas.

    Comment by HarleminMD | July 2, 2009 | Reply

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