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Update: Looks like I am posting this one, which I started early this morning but could not finish, too late as Grant Hill has made his decision to stay with the Suns for a one-year $3 million contract, with a player option on a second year for $3.24 million. It also sounds as though he expects Nash and Stoudemire to return for at least another year.

Word is that we have a 50/50 chance of picking up Grant HillThose are not bad odds considering the major theme of this free agency period is that most of the top free agents are looking to get paid to play for title contenders which has knocked the Knicks out of consideration.

Grant Hill claims he’s serious about the Knicks and he is mulling over two offers from Donnie Walsh, one for a one year 5 million contract and the other for a two to three year $10 million contract which seems to go against Walsh’s assertion that the team would focus on obtaining cap space and not space fillers at the end of their career like Hill.

Grant Hill may like the Knicks, but there is competition for his services in BeanTown and like other free agents he is more likely to play for a team that can be competitive.  He like other players know the truth – playing in New York for the next two seasons will be like waiting for the train towards retirement or another way station.  Unless Hill is swayed by money only and that famed (and overrated by New Yorkers) desire to play more than two games a year in the Garden, he will be a Suns or Celtics at the end of the free agency period.

Of the three teams, the Celtics would offer the least amount of money — $1.9 million biannual exception. Danny Ainge said the Celltics are strongly considering Hill. Doc Rivers, a friend and neighbor of Hill’s, is excited about the possibility of adding Hill to the Celtics which must be the favored team to come out of the Eastern Conference next year with the addition of Sheed and the rehabilitation of Garnett.  (Cleveland needs more physical presence in the front court – Artest would have been perfect; ariza would have helped.)  Plus Ray Allen is also a friend of Hill’s. His sales pitch to Hill is the one that has been winning over free agents all summer:  ‘If you ever want to win a championship, you want to win it in Boston because you become a god, you become a part of a legacy and you won’t die with the fans. It will always be everlasting. You can be with other cities and win it, but nothing like here.’ ’’

At 36, Grant Hill, a class act, is still considered one of the better free agents. But even his agent says he is at the end of his career and that Hill received very respectable offers for a near retirement player.   Last season Hill averaged 12 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 2.3 assists while starting in 68 games for the Suns, a team which missed the playoffs amidst a post-D’Antoni restructuring effort.  As noted above, Hill sounds like Nash and Studamuffin will return so that they can complete “unfinished business.” In addition to a sense of loyalty, I am sure the hiring of Alvin Gentry who is very familiar with The D’Antoni-Iavoroni Way, also convinced Hill that he had a chance to do something special by finishing his career in Phoenix.

If you don’t know the story of Grant Hill, it is well worth investing some time into.  Here is a man that suffered from ankle injuries for several years which kept him from playing for the Orlando Magic with Tracey McGrady, a very anticipated matchup.  As Hill was on the verge of overcoming the hardship of his injury, he discovered that his wife Tamia suffered from multiple sclerosis. He and his wife persevered through those difficuties: He is successfully concluding his career and her disease is in remission.  (As an art lover, I must also note that Hill is a great collector of African American art and his collection was turned into a book and travelling exhibition).

Despite all the good character things about Hill, Walsh’s pursuit of him makes little sense to me. On one hand, he has a lot to offer youngsters on the team.  But what the heck was Alan Houston for?   On the other hand, (the one that controls the dribble) Hill will join a  2-3 (shooting guard-small forward) core which may include Nate Robinson, Larry Hughes, Toney Douglas, Morris Almond, Al Harrington and Danilo Gallinari. That’s far too many players.  Makes no sense.  The time needs to be given to the younger guys.

Well, as noted, Hill decided to go back to the Suns. New York fans who believe in 2010 need to wake up.  It appears that Stephon Marbury is right again – free agents aren’t that interested in coming to New York except to extort more money from their favored teams.  If the lesser lights like Kidd and Hill won’t come to New York because they want to win; why would Wade or LeBron?  And don’t you get the sense that these free agents know that 2010 is not happening in a major way in New York.

What’s plan “B” Mr. Walsh?  You better tell Newsday so they can sell it for you before that option falls apart too.


Al Harington tells fans that he likes the result of the Knicks’ draft and that he believes the team can make the playoffs with a full season under D’Antoni..  .  .   .
Funny how last year, Stephon Marbury suggested in a New York Post Blog that he was probably going to Europe at the end of his career and many responded to his comments as incredible and him as crazy.  But the man knows this business and could see the handwriting on the wall – in order to get the type of contract he wanted, he would need to seriously consider another market.  Now, after the Celtics offered him a low veteran minimum deal of $1 million, Marbury is talking to European teams about joining them for next season.  Karma? Reaping what you sow? Maybe. But it could also be that this guy knows the extent of this window of financial opportunity.  It is closing and there will continue to be real life after basketball. . . .Alan Hahn of Newsday keeps lobbing a spit ball with Chris Mullin’s name on it into the Knicks front office despite Walsh’s insistence that he is not looking for help.  Not sure what the addition of Chris Mullins would mean, but perhaps Chris is a better talent evaluator for D’Antoni’s system than Walsh.  I have no idea but his fight for power against Crazy Nellie can be seen as a positive or a negative. . . .Cavalier Assistant John Kuester, and not Avery Johnson, will be coaching the Detroit Pistons.  Apparently, Avery Johnson is still entitled to $8 million in buyout money coming from Mark Cuban and  Dallas Mavericks after getting fired there following a first-round playoff defeat in 2008.  The other contemporary NBA Lil General and Dumars, who is not afraid to change coaches, could not agree on contract terms.  Avery wanted four years.  Dumars did not want to pay Avery $4mil per.  Dumars did not want to give more a two million, two year contract especially since he is still paying the fired Mike Curry five million over the next two years.  Dumars explained this by stating that his current team is not a title contender yet and does not require a $4 – $5 million coach just yet.  He likened this team to the one at the start of the Rick Carlisle period.  Unfortunately for the Knicks, this hiring does not necessarily free up a playoff spot because Kuester is considered a good offensive-oriented coach and he will find a way to maximize a squad that includes Tashaun Prince, Rick Hamilton, Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva.


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  1. Lives,
    Make sure you let Mrs. Lives know that we Fanatics consider the birthday gift to you as being a release from your Daddy Duties and NOT to view how much weight E-Sity has re-gained. Do chime in on whether Hill has handles or if he might be packaged as part of a greater 2009 deal, will ya?

    Re: ULAs instead of UFAs at Mecca
    Any professional who has wittnessed what happened to the ABS Hall of Fame Coach, Trev, Snacks, IT, Steph, and even The Scholar would conclude that the Bhuddism has merged with Islam. The Barnum and Bailey circus elephants have left bio-fuels on the parque floor. There was once the thought that hiring Zeke would help make NY attractive again for highly coveted OTPs. There were even overtures to The Black Mamba. But of all of that seemed to go away after the franchise that owns the NYK which also owns Newsday seemed to go on this non-sensible campaign for soon-to-be UFAs who really are already showing themseleves to Unrestricted Leveraging Agents–leveraging against the Knicks to get more money from someone else. Note to the rest of the league–just once, call their bluff and let them take the bio-diesel bull to Mecca.

    Which begs the question still: In terms of sheer talent and marketability, who will be the Marquee named player to emerged on 33rd? Will it be the Italian Pesto (the []’Anfony version of the Black Mamba), KryptoNate, Chil Will the Thrill or Technic-Al Harrington? Steady votes for Krypto and Lives knows why. This question begs for a poll Admin. (when you get good and damn ready).

    Steady as IT Beat.


    Comment by Steady | July 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. Rumored trade involving swap of Duhon for Andre Miller. 76ers are on crack and Walsh is about to do a player transaction right. Andre Miller has been running that Sixer break to our detriment for the last few years. Pick him up. I like his game far better than “Dukie Won’t Stick.”

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | July 11, 2009 | Reply

    • Man I hope that trade happens.

      Actually since the 76ers are reving Holiday up as their point guard of the future,… trading Miller away for Duhon might not be such a bad deal for them.

      Duhon’s contract will expire in a season, he could play either understudy or mentor to Holiday, and the 76ers can see what sort of player Holiday will be in the pros.

      If Holiday shows he’s capable of running the 1, then they save money with his rookie scaled salary and play him at the point.

      If he is a hybrid, Duhon’s expiring contract may allow them to pursue other point guard options in either the draft or free agency the following season.

      Lets go Knicks!

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 11, 2009 | Reply

  3. LOL @ #1.

    Steady, I’m not too sure about HiLl. One of the other Fanatics who are high on him might know. From what I’ve seen, I thought he was fairly raw, but quite a few believe that he has great athleticism to go with basic skills and instinct.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | July 11, 2009 | Reply

  4. I’m glad we didn’t pick up Hill’s sorry azz!
    I could care even less about Miller or Duhon.
    We aren’t even an 8TH seed …so we may as well play the pups and get them experience.

    Comment by Peaceman | July 11, 2009 | Reply

    • I co-sing with you there Peaceman.

      I don’t understand how it is that the Knicks have a combo guard like Douglas, Chandler who might be able to develop into a 2/3 and Almonds who is a pure 2 on their roster alongside Nilo (3), Chandler (2/3) and the Knicks want to pick up an aging Grant Hill to take away minutes from them pups that could go towards their development.

      Add to that the importance of playing Jefferies enough minutes to give other teams a sense of what they might be getting should he be traded to another team, and D’antoni has a juggling act as difficult, if not more, than last years juggling act that required him to play Z-Bo and Crawford enought minutes to amp their trade values in order to facilitate trades to expedite those players and their albatross contracts.

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 11, 2009 | Reply

  5. Fanatics,

    I’m happy Grant Hill is NOT coming to N.Y.Come on,he is 37,always hurt and would steal playing time for Chandler and Rooster,It’s not like he can show us how to win a championship.

    I would like a Duhon for Miller deal and then go after Carlos Boozer.Maybe a sign-n-trade with the Bucks for Sessions.I don’t think we should wait for 2010.LBJ is NOT coming.We also need a shooting guard.I would go after Hamilton from Detroit,he is available not that they have Gordon.

    PG Miller/Sessions (Douglas/N8)
    SG Hamilton (Hughes/N8/Almond)
    SF Chandler (Rooster)
    PF Boozer (Harrington/Lee/Hill)
    C Curry(if in shape)(Lee/Hill/Darko)

    *** may need Lee/N8 in a sign-n-trade deal.Could lose Lee,N8 and Duhon,but we will have a contender in November.

    Start winning now!!!!!!

    Comment by D L T Knicks | July 11, 2009 | Reply

    • That’s a decent and fairly credible roster. I have seen Miller run that team and he is pretty good and athletic. I just read that he is considered too slow. That’s not what I’ve seen.

      Can any of you figure out what Walsh is doing? Why in the hell would you go after Hill and Duhon? Unless, you’ve decided that you need one year doing everything on the cheap. Since we’re paying people, like Anucha Browne, Larry Brown and Isiah Thomas to work for someone else, maybe we are trying to make up those losses. I don’t know, but this is insane.

      Comment by livesinnewjersey | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  6. Let’s dump Lebron BEFORE he dumps us!

    Comment by D L T Knicks | July 11, 2009 | Reply

    • They should take themselves of the market in 2010. Make it clear and public so no other free agents can play them like fools.

      That will give the Knicks the time to shed Jefferies and Curry’s contract and then make a bid for Dwight Howard.

      If in the next two years in the meantime, the Knicks build a respectable playoff team by acquiring some of the guys you just mentioned and either signing or trade Lee and or Nate for value in return,… the Knicks can have a chance at having the last laugh!

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 11, 2009 | Reply

    • I agree DLT. We keep getting played instead of laid.

      Comment by livesinnewjersey | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  7. Could Andre Miller be using the Knicks interest in him to boost his asking price for the 76ers?

    The 76ers in either event may be asking for more in return should a sign and trade with the Knicks take place.

    Good day everyone!

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 11, 2009 | Reply

  8. From Yahoo sports:

    Biggest Losers of the FA signings this year;
    The New York Knicks

    So, what happened to everyone dying to play for Mike D’Antoni in New York? So far, the AARP free agents – Jason Kidd(notes) and Grant Hill(notes) – used New York as leverage for more money in Dallas and Phoenix.

    Now, the shrinking 2010 salary cap makes the chances of luring LeBron James(notes) even less likely. James would have to take even less money to go the Knicks, and there’s little chance New York will have the room for a second max-out free agent. Without it, New York can forget James.

    Comment by Peaceman | July 12, 2009 | Reply

    • THEY READ US…Some Yahoo Sports intern has scooped us and so be it. It’s well enough that the view gets out there and that people know the real to real.
      Now we read that big time UFAs will want to come play with Pesto, Thrill or Technic-Al (he with the technical fouls that cost the NYK games). Blogga-PuhhhLLLLllleeeeezzzzze.

      Steady as IT Beat.


      Comment by Steady | July 12, 2009 | Reply

    • Peaceman,

      You would think Kidd and Hill would enjoy only playing half the time -no defense needed.LOL!

      Comment by D L T Knicks | July 12, 2009 | Reply

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