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It’s Summer League Time In Las Vegas

Hey folks, the NBA Summer League got under way in Las Vegas on Friday.  For those who don’t know, you can check it ALL out LIVE or ON DEMAND from your computer for $14.99 on NBA SUMMER LEAGUE BROADBAND. If you just want to see your beloved Knicks, you can check out all five games on MSG Network: July 14 vs. Memphis at 6 p.m., July 15 vs. Detroit at 4 p.m., July 17 vs. Sacramento at 6 p.m., July 18 vs. Chicago at 6 p.m. and July 19 vs. Washington at 4 p.m.

Although the Knicks don’t play until Tuesday, players, management and the local beats have gathered which means news is being made or created.  First the bad-sad news.  Patrick Ewing, Jr. apparently has not recovered from the knee injury he suffered in the D League in March.  He has been scratched from Summer League play. We all know what that means for his chances of making the Knicks this fall.  That’s unfortunate.

The Rooster is not crowing yet, but he is smiling, working out, and being crowned (as in slapped upside the head) as the savior who will lure a significant star in 2010. With free agents spurning the Knicks, D’Antoni is placing the responsibility for the Knicks to look attractive in 2010 to the development of Danilo, who barely had a rookie season last fall. Courtesy of our man Steady, do you think Danilo will be our marquee star this upcoming season?

According to Alan Hahn, Danilo is optimistic that he will be ready, at 100%, when the season begins.  Marc Berman reports that the pain is “barely on the radar.” Howard Beck, who suggests that Gallo is key to a LeBron James signing, reports, “He has a hop in his step, and his 3-point stroke is as fluid as ever. He even looks a little thicker in his shoulders and upper arms, a good sign for a growing young power forward. He turns 21 next month and is still filling out his 6-foot-10 frame.” According to Marc Berman, Gallo was doing back exercises with the trainers although he popped up with a smile and much less pain.

The good news is that Toney Douglas has been very impressive. Mark Berman writes “ In today’s first day of summer league practice, Douglas stood out in the two-a-day sessions. He looks well capable of handling the backup point guard duties.” The word on the street is that TD will be the surprise of the season for us.

Our other rook, Jordan Hill, has signed his first contract.  According to the beats, he looks a little raw though athletic.  Hahn wrote, “Jordan Hill took a pounding from Sene, who is known to foul a lil bit. Hill looked like he had trouble getting his legs under him, but one noticeable trait was how he got after the ball. The post moves are raw and hesitant. He’s got some work to do.”

Of course, the Summer League is a sign of promise for other teams that don’t need it.  The Pistons’ first round draft choice, DaJuan Summers, at 6’8”, 240lbs abused the Kings for 24 points and grabbed 7 rebounds.Brandon Jennings debut on Friday was so-so in a victory over the Mavericks Summer League squad. His final line read 10 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals.  According to Aran Smith of, Saturday, Day 2 had a number of break out performances:

The second day of the summer league saw a number of break out performances including rookies Rodrigue Beaubois (34 pts), Stephen Curry (29 pts), Tyreke Evans (25 pts), Chase Budinger (25 pts), DeMar DeRozan (20 pts) Austin Daye (19 pts), and DaJuan Summers (19 pts). Other top performers included Cartier Martin (27 pts), Adam Morrison (22 pts), and Quincy Douby (21 pts).

I can’t wait until I can see the team with my own eyes.  The bad news is that I haven’t been able to secure press credentials yet, so I guess I’ll need to take a suit jacket and tie with me so that I can look like I’m important and official enough not to harass for hanging out in the locker room or sneaking into the press area to plug in my computer. While I’m at it, I think I’ll bring my white doctor’s smock from Halloween circa 1977 (it might be a little tight in the waist) while I’m at it.


P.S. Can We Get Our First Summer Role Call Gentle Folks?  DLT? PEACE? O&B? ANTI-SPORTS, et al?


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  1. Here’s at time when Brother Cooleyhigh and his connects should be called in for a word or two. I will get on it because this Blog “Knicks Fanatics” should be suitable to get Press Creds on the Blog tip.

    Thanks for the review of the press statements out there. You know how we do–we triangulante and then extrapolate until we Fanatics come to the real-to-real.

    Steady as IT Beat.


    Comment by Steady | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. Roll call Present!!!

    Just waiting on Walsh to do something to boost the roster.

    Comment by D L T Knicks | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  3. O&B Present and accounted for.

    I just got to thinking that sometimes you have to play the game, even if your odds of winning aren’t that good, or you’re likely to get played.

    Why do I say that? Well if a butterfly flutters it’s wing in one part of the world does not that flutter have an indirect effect on the rest of the biosphere.

    The question is… what effect does that feeble flutter have?

    Cryptic aren’t I? I hope some one feels me on that take on Walsh’s futile attempted 2009 free agency spending attempt.

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  4. Steady as “Beat IT” by G.R.E.A.T. MJ.

    Comment by Steady | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  5. Below is a lesson to be learned. It can apply to the Pro Ranks!,176060

    Peaceman …Ready!

    Comment by Peaceman | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  6. Present,Wassuuup!!(R-Truth)
    Hey dudes,check this out.Everybody’s bitchin”bout
    our”inability” to sign FA’s.I’m still waiting to see
    what kind of “leeway” D.Walsh has up his sleeve.That
    plus Coach D’Antoni saying we will be a better team
    come August.Plus nobody seems to think that once the
    trade deadline comes that several GM’s won’t be in
    PANIC MODE.At that time I expect at least 1 Superstar
    or several All-Star caliber players to be available to
    us!Even if Lee and N8 stay this year,I think with
    Darko,J.Hill,and TD added that we have enough rotation
    players that can have an impact this season.Barring
    injuries of course.I personally don’t think that any
    Knicks fan should panic,but again,that’s just my
    Go Knicks,KFFL!!!!!

    Comment by George M. | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  7. Whaddsup Brethren,

    It is a gorgeous day in Jersey man.

    My man George M.!!! Good to read ya. We need that optimism to keep us balanced. Still, it is far to late to panic. Just take your azz beaten like a true Knick fan and wait for Avery Johnson to become the new coach in 2011 when Cuban has paid the last quarter on that $8 million severance package.

    Hey Steady, that word on the street comment above was a reference to Mr ACC Observer Cooleyhigh who I’ve seen everywhere in the blogosphere but here. I ain’t mad at him though; gotta get your lovin’ wherever it makes you feel good. But we love ’em too especially if his connects extend to the inner bowels of the NBA League office — I could use a little main stream credibility this week.

    George, what one superstar do you think can change our fortunes this fall? We need a whole new attitude starting from the top. First we need some defense. Then we need a floor general willing to drive to the basket and take over late in the game. WE need players willing to use fouls. We need players who can take fouls and get us into the penalty late in games. We need a coach with some endgame management skills. What is Walsh talking about — his Mobley contract? The bi-annual exception? His friendship with Larry Bird? Just curious. I’d like that present before Christmas 2009 please?

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  8. Thanks for the U19 reference Peace. Sounds like the Dumars school of thought.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  9. Hey Harlem,

    My apologies brother. I just checked out the spam folder and you’ve been sitting there for almost two weeks. There can be no New York Poppin’ without Harlem. Give us a shout out when you can.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  10. Harlem’s comment was made on July 2, 2009 and is #28 at the post, Brandon Jennings says F*ck THe Knicks. . . . He wrote:

    We got nuttin’.

    Jason Kidd gets toasted in the playoffs, yet he is the first person we attempt to sign?

    We got to go back to another 5-year plan, wait until New York wakes up and discovers we got nuttin’.

    We don’t have one premier defender on the team, we are not going to win this year, yet we look to sign a defensive nightmare. Nothing against Kidd, but if all the guards are not emphasizing quickness, his days are numbered. He couldn’t guard the international guards in the Olympics. He is done. The new NBA is about quickness and deep-shooting. He cannot provide either.

    Besides, why would we need him if we are waiting for the ultimate ball-hog (”LeBron”)? LeBron is not waiting for a slick pass from Kidd.

    We have no clue, no real plan. We are going to “lose” LeBron to the NETS. the fucking NETS!!!! what does that say about us????!!!!!

    We got nuttin fellas.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  11. Wow Lives!! Such pessimism.A GM that gets rid of Big Snax
    and Q-Brik when Zeke couldn’t do it at gunpoint?Not to
    mention Z-Blo and scared to play D Crawford.When the dead-
    line comes one or several GM’s will trade their stars to us
    for cap relief because they won’t get anything back for
    their star player(s) if they don’t commit long term.Don’t f
    forget,Curry and Jefferies become expiring contracts a year
    from now.See what I’m saying.Theoretically speaking we
    could have at least one blockbuster trade happen at the
    Trade deadline.All is definitely not lost!NBA LEAGUE PASS
    is the shizzle dudes.So are DVR’s.Good parapharnalia for
    basketball junkies!So don’t despair Lives and the rest of
    KFFL’s I think we’ll do better than fine.

    Comment by George M. | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  12. Fanatics,

    Ready & Rollin. I agreed w/ Bronx, this summer exposed the lack of a plan. 2-Over the hill guys and a willingness to spend cap money on these guys, when fans have been told the Knicks are clearing space for a free-agent splash. Now we are selling Roost-ta as a magnate for LeBron or Wade. How many guys wanted to play w/ Toni KuKoc?

    It was accepted last year’s team w/ Zach & Crawful could have fought for the 8th-seed. The trade set the Knicks back and eliminated any playoff possibility for last year and the coming year. If the Knicks do not make the playoffs, does Isiah get blamed for including a lottery pick in the Steph trade OR does Walsh get blamed for gutting the team and allowing the pick to become a lottery pick, while not improving the team? Fanatics what is Walsh’s grace period?

    @’Lives’, lets not get carried away by summer league play. Anthony Roberson was an allstar last summer, as was Bayless. In addition, will you continue the negative slant on Jennings play to try and prove that your draft profiles were on the mark. I’m just asking.

    Peace & Blessing

    Comment by Statesman2 | July 12, 2009 | Reply

  13. Watch for Soft City to be Stephed on this season by []’Anfony. As if other NBA players will look fondly at uniforms being held up and DNP/CDs. That salvo about a springy 6-10.5 PF with limited handles and “low BB IQ” being developed as a C is supposed to motivate a guy with 2 years and 12 mill$ in the hand. Blogga PuuuuhhhLeeeezzzze.

    @States–Spot on with the Kukoc anology. The Euro experiment too shall fail. It will last just until the value gets low enough for public auction. I see the Cubs may go for 900 mill$. That a sorry @$$ comp if you ask Steady. What do you think Bob can get out of MJ if he throws in the venue? If MJ is Steady he should bounce with Bob.

    Steady as IT Beat.


    Comment by Steady | July 13, 2009 | Reply

    • Agreed, Steady – MJ should pass on the ownership box. He earned a lot of money over his career and should hang onto it, the Charlotte area is just not working out from an NBA franchise owner’s perspective.

      Comment by Paul | July 13, 2009 | Reply

  14. Present for Roll Call:

    Lives, hope you get in to see some practices and can check out E-City’s appearance, mobility and “motivation?”
    If he can return to 07 form, he can be showcased during the preseason and/or 1st half of the regular season. He will have an expiring contract in 2010 – 2011 and can be moved by the mid-season trade deadline (February 2010). I also want to read your impressions of Hill, Douglas and Almond.

    I assume Walsh is working the phones and will make at least one more move once he signs up Lee and N8. Looking forward to watching the Summer League games. LGK

    Comment by Post-up Prince | July 13, 2009 | Reply

  15. Voting “present” on the roll call like our TOTUS.

    Hey Lives, i hope you have a great time in Vegas. Like George & Post-Up Prince, i am looking forward to your reports whether they’re good news or bad news.

    I noted the NY Times article on Eddy cut the supposed fifty pound weight loss to thirty pounds. Same article also noted a MSG staffer “with access to the confidential information” outed Curry’s worst weight at 365 lbs.

    Andre Miller is another red herring, it’s due diligence but it ain’t gonna fly. Miller knows its his last real contract and he needs multi years now, not next time. We’ve offered one year deals around and the old heads aren’t biting, which is good. Let’s develop our own players rather than trying to recreate the 2001 All-Star team.


    Comment by Paul | July 13, 2009 | Reply

  16. Mike Kurylo has a good breakdown on the Knicks’ summer league team and their chances at making the 15-man roster over at

    With four slots open for Summer League guys, and two virtually guaranteed to Hill & Douglass, it looks like Sene, Crawford, Blake Ahearn & Morris Almond are gunning for two spots on the bench. Sene sticks i think as a project big, and i am rooting for Almond to get the other spot. Ahearn’s an even better pure shooter, but Almond’s size will make it easier for Mo’Nuts to get his shot off against NBA defenders.

    A word of warning though on Almond:

    “a prolific scorer in the NBDL, averaging 25.4 pts/36 over two seasons. Although this was due to his high usage (30.9%), to Almond’s credit his TS% was a robust 57.6%. One stat that did stand out in the NBDL is his free throw to field goal ratio. He hit .35 free throws for every shot attempted, and averaged 6.5 ftm/36. Clearly he’s skilled at drawing contact, and his 36.7% from downtown shows that he’s able to score from outside as well. However, Morris’ peripheral stats are weak. His rebounding numbers could be better for someone who stands 6-6, and his passing, steals, and blocks are weak for a shooting guard. Still he could provide some needed scoring off the bench and could be a poor man’s Allan Houston. ”

    Peaceman, do you have any knowledge on Almond’s ability to “D” up?

    Comment by Paul | July 13, 2009 | Reply

    • Paul,
      AlmondJoy was not Known for his defense in College (they were 2-1-2 zoners)
      however, any offensive talented player has inherent “D”
      as well as his “O”……..He’s in the Mecca now, he has to
      want to! At 6’6 he may be our “Starks” or “Mason” type
      that we acquired at a deep discount! We’ll know tomorrow
      @6PM. GAME ON~ LGK

      Comment by Peaceman | July 13, 2009 | Reply

  17. SUKI, SUKI Now! I’m back, cause I knew there would be some FANATIC that would see me post somewhere else and have something say…All of YOU should know Brothas Cooley got nothing but LOVE for his FANATIC Familia…Case Closed LOL LOL LOL

    First things first, I hope and pray all MY PEEPS are enjoying their Summer, Living Large, Spending QUALITY TIME with Love Ones, and making sure your Lights are shining before Men, cause these are some serious times Brethren so Keep the Great Reality Close and Closer.

    Now to BBALL! I’m gonna tell you the true sccop on TD Douglas…This BALLER has all of the prerequisite skills to not only be the Knicks back up PG this year, but in one year could own the spot outright. This kid is tenacious on both ends of the court, and Hahn is absolutely right, he has NBA speed and quickness, but what I love about him is HIS COMPETITIVE SPIRIT and the KAT is tough as nails…I believe all of you will appreciate what he brings to court on the regular…

    I am also going out on a limb, and I know African will like this, if ECurry comes to camp in the best shape of his life and all reports indicate he’s committed himself,then this TEAM can make a little noise if EVERYONE COMES READY TO SUIT UP and make the rest of the NBA eat its words and show some real HEART and Desire to get better and to win…Curry under these conditions could be the difference maker. DHoward and Gasol showed us quite clearly, you won’t win the Big Chip without a QUALITY BIG MAN. And, if Mike D plays games and doesn’t do the right thing by ECurry if he comes in READY TO BEAR ARMS, fired Him on the spot. Now that our roster is filled with Rebounders, all we need EC to do is provide a low post presence and socre, and learn to pass out of the DT, cut down on the TO’S, and if he is quicker and nimble, he will stay out of foul trouble on the offense end, and should be able to exert more energy and resistance at the RIM…Also, if we can get M ALOMOND on track and his confidence up, he might be another welcome edition. Lee, Danilo (If Healthy), Chandler (Likewise + soem work on his Handle and passing), with Curry and Darko (A great change of pace two headed monster); adding Al, Duhon, especially TD, plus a raw Hill you might have a little something. TIME WILL ULTIMATELY TELL!

    Maybe I’m being silly, but if the stars align and all of our players are healthy, a veteran leader is all that this TEAM needs and I believe one will emerge.

    I missed you guys, but this Brudder been busy…You know how I Roll. I may head to Vegas on Thursday for a few days to check things out. Not sure yet, but as soon as I get off of here I’m looking to get that ticket…So stay tuned!!

    Also, I’ll check on the Press Pass scenario when I get a chance….

    You Fellas Keep it POPPIN and I’ll Keep it CRACKIN

    Comment by Cooleyhigh | July 13, 2009 | Reply

    • Talk about a RESPONSE TO A ROLL CALL. Steady notes Cooleyhigh blazin’ in with double barrells loaded fuh bears fuh shizzle! I know you will peep out da script when ya get there and keep Steady in the flow when you get back. Africa is off for a minute but home is calling. More on that l8tr.

      Keeping []’Anfony accountable is critical. He needs to get on the same page Donnie []alsh (cause he ain’t W yet). From what Steady triangulates, the two may be playing good Monty vs. bad Monty–two cards on the same deck read Kings. They looked like Kings of Fools with Steph. The fan base and franchise image are suffering from the amateurism.
      Keep bringing da knowledge FANATICS!

      Steady as IT Beat.


      Comment by Steady | July 13, 2009 | Reply

  18. Nice to see that this place is bumping with words from the usual suspects.

    Here’s some Knicks relevant news that you fellas might or might not have gotten your eyes on:

    Miller to Knicks deal with the 76ers is all bunk!

    Knicks futile, thank the maker, 2009 attempt to land summer long in the tooth free agents is an indication of the Knicks irrelevance in the league!

    This is the last call for any interest in a summer league Live Blogg. Whose for it. Let me know. I’ll set it up if there’s enough interest.

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 13, 2009 | Reply

  19. Fanatics,

    Not feeeeeling the excitement about the return of Eddy Curry. The “Motherland” may have a “Woodie”, but I’m skeptical. It’s not as if he’s Kareem in his prime. Remember the last Knick to sit out 2-seasons (Steph) could not regain his timing in 2 plus months. Contrary to what most believe, maintaining your sharpness and confidence is a must to be successful in the league. and you cannot just turn it on and off. If Curry gets off to a slow-start then his trade value will remain low.

    Johnson Bob like a lot of homeowners bought at the top, and is trying to get what he paid in falling market. Unfortunately for Johnson stern David is not allowing any short-sales. Stern is trying to protect the values in the neighborhood with loan modifications(line of credits), and advising on cost cutting. MJ, like most insiders is waiting on a deal.

    Johnson sold BET at the top, but putting the Bobcats on the market now and the bank, credit-cards, auto-interest is proof that he’s not as smart as he believes. Also Johnson’s performance during the primary has made him toxic, and Clinton’s Initiative can’t bail him out.

    The #1 Baseball town in the World—-Cardinal Nation. Cub fans we have a history of winning.

    Peace & Blessings

    Comment by Statesman2 | July 13, 2009 | Reply

  20. O & B
    If you set up a live blog, I would have to miss the 1st half but would log on and post-up for the 2nd half and offer some reactions as well as participate in the post-game discussion. Hopefully, more guys will sign up so you won’t have to talk to yourself or just to me. LGK

    Comment by Post-up Prince | July 14, 2009 | Reply

  21. Post Up King

    Fret Not, Peaceman should be running co-pilot on the Summer League Live Blogg.

    I’ll send an invite to the rest of the Fanatics Family.

    I may have to link us to the old site as my MacBook knowledge is still insufficient to allow me to navigate this website to include the content I want on.

    How ever it goes I’ll indicate where we’ll be blogging off of for todays LBE.

    Good day gents

    Comment by O&B's Ghost | July 14, 2009 | Reply

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