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It’ On and Poppin’ In Vegas

Just got in Vegas a few hours ago to the popcorn-like rhythm of slot machine pings and the bright lights of a city that lives 24/7. It was a nice easy trip although I was fretting in the mile-long security line that I would miss my flight since the boarding time had already passed. I wasn’t as concerned about missing the flight, which had a connection in Utah, as I was about missing the opportunity to accept Delta’s plea for help to resolve their overbooking problem in exchange for a free flight. I have no problem sleeping on hard airport chairs sitting up. I got to my flight in time, but the deal was gone.

It is warm out here and I am geeked (and feeling a little guilty that I should be back East making a living — but I feel that way a lot of the times I deal with the blog). Fortunately, I cut the edge off my decadent pursuit of B-Ball pleasure by staying with one of my sisters, her husband and my nephew. Lo and Behold, I learned that when he wakes up I will be receiving his birthday kisses. He turned 5 minutes after my late night arrival.

I’m also geeked because I’ve been peeking at the blog during my travels whenever I could catch a WiFi signal and it is a thrill to see the old heads gather to chew the fat and toss some knowledge. That roll call response is looking mighty strong almost like the good old days when we were beating up the MSM and dropping bombs on one another during the Isiah regime. The presence of Paul, DLT, GeorgeM, Cooleyhigh, Postup Prince, Harlem, Tman, Steady, AntiSportsNews, among other old friends make me think that this season might not be as horrible after all. I still got a little optimism left George M.

O.k, so my overtures for that ever elusive press credential have been rejected; I feel like Donnie Walsh in free agent summer heat. I heard from my aces that I have to be a member of the working press; that’s alright I’m still going to be working it with my own full-court press. (Sometimes, I’m just plain silly). I’m not sure I’ll be able to twitter from the games this trip, but I will hit the blog with observations and news as soon as I can. I know you’ll be watching the game so I’ll check out that behind the scenes stuff we need to know: Is Eddie Curry sneaking a burger on the side? Can Gallo bend and touch his toes without a grimace? Are Brandon Jennings’ teammates talking to him after the games? Heck, is he talking to them? These are the things inquiring minds don’t need to know, but I’ll grab enough TMI (Too Much Information) to do an episode of Entertainment Tonight or start my own show “Access Las Vegas.” O.K., maybe not.

I gotta run and catch up on what was happening in the blogosphere while I was traveling. Peace and thanks for the good wishes, blessings and fellowship. Keep it coming strong.

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  1. Good AM Fanatics! Lives my Brudder, so glad you arrived safely in one of my favorite spots. Sin City! I did not pruchase my ticket yet. Got word some Familia trying to stop by the compound on their way South, so I’m a little hesitant, cause the Better-Half will be a tad disappointed if I run out her PEEPS. Especially for the BBALL! I’ll let you know if I’m coming so we can hook up.

    Statesman, you are too funny. Johnson B is toxic…LOL LOL LOL That Brotha has Flat-Lined in our community since the election…LOL LOL

    One Love Fanantics!

    Keep it CRACKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Cooleyhigh | July 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. Lives, you paint a beautiful picture of Sin City, I hope you have a wonderful time out there.

    Thanks so much for providing the TMI color, it’s one of the many things that make this blog such a wonderful community!

    Some news on Curry:

    “Honestly, when coaches are saying he has to get back to 285, they’re delusional,” said Weatherspoon, who came with Curry for a midsummer progress report. “They don’t have a clue; that’s not where he can go. If he goes back to 285, that would make him a scrawny kid. One of the things we’re doing is adding more muscle now.”

    Curry weighs 328, Weatherspoon said, 30 pounds lighter than when he started a strict diet and fitness regimen in late May. For the first five days of the program, Curry was limited to fresh-squeezed juices and broths while he went through a cycle of a colon-cleansing product. He lost 15 pounds from that alone.

    Curry arrived knowing he was expected to be on the court but did not bring sneakers. He borrowed assistant coach Herb Williams’ Nikes for both practices. Williams stood in Curry’s flip-flops on the sideline.

    The goal for the next six weeks, in theory, is to replace the fat with muscle. “Re-sculpting the body,” Weatherspoon says. So the actual weight goal, he said, is between 300 to 315 pounds by training camp.

    One thing to wonder is, with all the emphasis on conditioning work & dieting, will a fitter Curry have his basketball skills ready to flash against NBA competition?

    Comment by Paul | July 14, 2009 | Reply

    • I’m with you and States on that issue. He has been gone to long and is trying to change too much to be any real good for a while, or so I think. I love Weatherspoon’s delusional quote. I’ll check in with you guys later. O&B check your e-mail.

      Comment by livesinnewjersey | July 14, 2009 | Reply

  3. Leaving Las Vegas for a digression:

    A Hahn at Newsday reports today that a Knick contract deal with N8 is closer than with Lee. N8 may even opt to play in Europe, if Knicks permit, where he can earn more money than in the NBA. Knicks can retain ownership and even trade him at a later date, should an NBA team want him at some point.

    Evidently Lee’s contract is more problematical for Walsh. Lee’s agent is holding out for more money, even if it means that Lee is to be traded to another team. Despite Lee’s many statements that he wants to stay with the Knicks, the money has become the bottom line. Lee may believe that last season may have been his hest season in terms of showcasing his production–1st in league in double-doubles. If he opts for a one-year deal with the Knicks, so that he could become an unresticted free agent, he may not see as much playing time with Curry, Hill and Milicic on the team. Chandler will also command some minutes at the 4 spot and Sene will likely see some time at the 5.

    For Lee to get the same playing time as last year, he would need to be traded to some far-off place–O.K. City or Portland. On other teams he would likely be a back-up and not see as much minutes as he did last season. Thus, if Lee is to ever earn some big money ($8 – $10 million per year in a moderately lengthy contract,4 – 5 years), then he must take advantage of his marketability now. With the cap being reduced next year to %50 million per team, and all the big name free agents looking for gold, Lee’s agent, if not Lee himself, believes that Lee’s time for a substantial contract is now or never. If Walsh force’s Lee to swallow a minimum qualifying offer ($2.7 million) for one year, I believe the Knicks will have quite an unhappy camper and once again the team will suffer. In that case, Walsh, not Lee, will bear the blame. As GM, the ball and the team’s future is in Walsh’s court. Either trade Lee in a deal that returns value or sign him to a fair and reasonable contract.

    Comment by Post-up Prince | July 14, 2009 | Reply

    • Post-Up…..Walsh isn’t forcing the QO down Lee’d throat, there’s been the four year $32M extension on the table which was Sprewell’d by Mark Bartlestein as insufficient.

      Certainly Andrea Bargnani’s deal this summer is indicative that Lee is worth more than that…..Millsap’s deal means it’s probably a fair price…..and Shawn Marion’s deal means Lee should probably be happy to be offered that much when Donnie isn’t bidding against anyone.

      If Bartlestein cannot get any action flowing from other quarters behind the scenes, he’ll likely be forced to go back to Donnie, hat in hand, and politely ask if the 4 yrs & $32M is still on the table.

      If that happens & Lee gets demotivated because of it, Msrs. Bartlestein & Lee need to get acquainted with an Charles Oakley chest caving-in session.

      Or, Lee can risk the unknown and take the $2.5M qualifying offer, figuring that maybe the rest of the league will be in a better position to offer long ends next year if the economy can start turning around.

      What would you do in Lee’s shoes? i’d think hard about dumping Bartlestein, frankly. He has gotten nowhere with other GM’s, and soured Dave’s relationship some with both Donnie & the Knicks’ fans out there.

      Comment by Paul | July 14, 2009 | Reply

      • Paul!

        “Or, Lee can risk the unknown and take the $2.5M qualifying offer, figuring that maybe the rest of the league will be in a better position to offer long ends next year if the economy can start turning around.

        What would you do in Lee’s shoes? i’d think hard about dumping Bartlestein, frankly. He has gotten nowhere with other GM’s, and soured Dave’s relationship some with both Donnie & the Knicks’ fans out there.”

        I co-sign wholeheartedly with that statement. He needs to check the situation around him and not Snr. Frankenstein!

        Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 14, 2009

      • Tough call.

        I’d lean towards recommending what worked for Ben Gordon. Take the QO and have another very good year. Go back on the market when there are more teams under the cap. $10 million may seem expensive now, but even with the bad economy it might not be so bad given the comparative price of other free agents. Just a leaning.

        Comment by livesinnewjersey | July 16, 2009

      • Well….Gordon initially rejected a six year, $58M from the Bulls.

        Instead, he accepted the one year Q.O. for $6.4M, and then signed a 5-yr. contract worth about $55, which aggregates into a six year, $61M deal.

        So for $3 million, Gordon exposed himself to risk of injury, played for a year in a lockerroom with a lame duck status over his heads, and spent most of a summer answering questions about his contract status, worth & intentions.

        I personally would do a lot for three million bones, i suspect most Fanatics would. =)

        But IMO, I don’t think Ben got as much profit as he did trouble. Hopefully his stint in Detroit will be mutually successful and he can leave all this unpleasantness in the rearview mirror.

        The lesson here for Dave? Probe for the max that Donnie’ll offer you, accept it graciously and thank everyone for their patience….and then back it up with some superstar play in the orange and blue!


        Comment by Paul | July 16, 2009

  4. Paul:

    Paul: Your feedback is welcome and, as always, on point and perceptive. Has Lee, however, really been offered 4 year’s at $32 million? Where is the source? As far as I know, neither Walsh nor Bartelstein nor Lee, has disclosed any numbers placed on the table. Certainly, if I were Lee, and really wanted to remain a Knick, I would take 4 at $32 million with perhaps a opt-out in year 4. My main point, however, is that Lee knows that what he get’s now may be as high as he can ever get, and I can understand that he/and or his agent wants to see if a sign and trade is possible. You are right in suspecting the agent as part of the problem. From whom we seek advice matters in life and the choices we make.

    Comment by Post-up Prince | July 14, 2009 | Reply


    We’ll post the next two summer league games covered back in the new pent house.

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 14, 2009 | Reply

  6. Fanatics,

    I’m ready to see the rookies…..

    QUESTION:Is Walsh afraid to trade for Boozer knowing that he and LBJ are still angry over the “Boozer to Utah deal” 2 years ago?LBJ expected Boozer to stay.We know Walsh is trying to make a home for LBJ.

    I think a Lee(7 million sign-n-trade)/Mobley(9.5 million expiring contract) for Boozer(12.6) and Brewer(2.7),or any other throw-in(cash) will work.Or add N8 to the deal and another Utah throw-in.This could work.Boozer could be our first real piece to winning.Utah will get Lee,N8 and a 9.5 expiring contract.Both teams give up something good to get something good.hmmmmmmm?

    Comment by D L T Knicks | July 14, 2009 | Reply

    • New York is hopefully in the Mix.

      Why not also try to get Maynor… Maybe Use Nate’s qualifier.

      that strengthens the point for the Knicks.

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 14, 2009 | Reply

    • David, if Lee was gonna accept a $7M/yr deal, he’d stay in NY and we wouldn’t need a sign and trade. He’s thinking $12M per, which is the whole problem with both signing and trading him.

      Mr. Bartlestein clearly has work to do here if he is to earn his coin. Find a team willing to pay Lee that price who is also able to offer Walsh close to market value for Lee in a trade, and i will rescind the bad things i have said about you. But if you fail, stonewall, complain and obfuscate – the name Bartlestein will be mud ’round these here parts.

      Comment by Paul | July 14, 2009 | Reply

      • Co-sign with gusto

        But doesn’t 7-8 million go further in Utah than in it would in the NYC.

        I think Bartlebe beelzuboob or whatever he calls himself needs to convey that to Dave Vanity Lovelee!

        Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 14, 2009

      • Paul,

        The last team with cap space was Portland and now that is tied up in Milsap.Lee is in trouble,10-12 million he won’t get.7-8 million is closer to his range.I think he is worth 5-6 million.He is poor on defense,not a shot blocker and can’t create his own shot.He simply isn’t a game changer.I say that to say if Lee and his agent feel he is worth that much (10 million)he is living in a fantasy and Walsh should let him go.Portland(if they don’t sign Milsap) will not pay 10-12 million for a back-up PF.

        He will be wish to take 7 million and be happy IF(and that’s a big IF)another team will take him for that money.

        Comment by DLTKnicks | July 14, 2009

  7. The CZAR of the LBE hosted a LBE yesterday…..on the old
    blog, attending this event besides the Czar and I were
    Paul, Postup, Dlt. truly quality of fellowship indeed

    Comment by Peaceman | July 15, 2009 | Reply

  8. Sorry, I missed the LBE. I’ll post the address for the replay on the sidebar. That’s a helluva lineup in itself. The real Knicks games should be a hoot. I’ve met a couple of opposing bloggers who I invited to join us when we face their team. If what I just read is true about D’Antoni telling Douglas that we will focus more on D, then we should be happy to have rival bloggers as fresh meat for the feast. But I do worry that reportedly D’Antoni referred to defense as a “pride thing.” I hope this means that they should have pride in playing defense in a defensive system as opposed to pride for the sake of pride. We’ll see.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | July 16, 2009 | Reply

    • “He gave me a lot of great wisdom,” Douglas said. “It was just a blessing to take the wisdom he gave me… (Frazier told Douglas) about defense. Defense wins games. (Frazier told Douglas to) take pride in defense and go out there on the court and make everybody else better.”


      Great article talking about Douglass’ affinity for Clyde and his style of play. A rookie Knick guard cannot have better taste than that!


      Comment by Paul | July 17, 2009 | Reply

      • Co-sign Paul,

        It’s refreshing to have a team and defensive oriented player on the Knicks I hope his quite intensity and apparent leadership qualities rub off an the rest of the Knicks.

        But in the long term the Knicks will need to pay attention to details in work them string help man defensive rotations, if our herous are to advance towards a playoff birth bid.

        Comment by orangeandblue1 | July 17, 2009

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