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Las Vegas Summer Diary, Day 3: Blake Griffin and Stephen Curry Highlight The Day League

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to review my notes and write a full-fledged report about yesterday. It is time to prepare to head over to the Thomas and Mack Center to secure a front row seat for the Kings-Knicks game. So I’ll just throw out some quick observations and if I get a chance to review my notes later, I’ll submit some revisions. (Statesman2, I’ll have to deal with your little snarky comments later — but you know the compliments and challenges are equally appreciated).

*Yesterday, I wasn’t going to attend any of the games but after walking around the Adventuredome with my cute nephew and hundreds of other screaming kids, I thought dealing with some screaming adults would not be too bad. And boy was I right.

*I missed Anthony Randolph’s record setting affair. It didn’t matter, because I saw Anthony Morrow break that record and light up the pitiful Hornets for 47 points. The crowd was going crazy as he was approaching Randolph’s 42-point record. Even Randolph was encouraging him on from the sidelines. As we approached a new record, when Acie Law failed to spot Morrow alone on the corner arc during a fast break, the crowd yelled, pissed at the guard. When a ref got in the way with a bogus call against Morrow in the other corner, the ref offered an instant equally bogus make-up call. It was crazy. Morrow’s stroke was phenomenal, smooth like butter. And he is a strong dude.

*Whoever said that Curry can’t play point is dead wrong. This guy does not have the same handle as many of these point guards, but he is solid and can run a team. He does not turn the corner on the dribble like a Jennings but he can handle the pressure and because you’ve got to fear his stop and pop jumper, it is a risk to play him too close. And the fact that he can shoot opens up all types of options. If Nellie can really coach this team, Curry would make a living dishing to gunners like Randolph and Morrow or running with Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis. I suggest that a Knicks-Warrior game will be another must see.

*Man, I’m starting to sound soft and sensitive. I’m gettin’ scurred. First, I’m crying over Michael Jackson and now I’m going ga ga over Blake Griffin who just stunned the crowd with a series of acrobatic dunks, rebounds and blocks. Must see him live. He didn’t show dominance yesterday as his team lost, but you just know this guy is a stud. I want people to talk about how smart this man is on the court. A contributor to thought Griffin did not play so smartly yesterday, but I think this guy is really smart. The ball does not stay in his hands too long. He has that LeBron sense of passing the ball and he can do it on the fly. He is constantly active around the boards on defense even if he does not have the ball. He is always jostling for position and keeping an eye on the ball. Remember Dennis Rodman? It is phenomenal to watch.

I wish I had Internet at the game so I could hang with you guys. That would be fun, but I probably would not see any of the game being so busy commenting on your comments. In fact, half the fun out here is just talking B-Ball will all the basketball lovers. I’m glad you fella’s appreciate the reports but I am truly enjoying sharing the info.

Gotta run. Did I just see that the Bull’s traded for Amare? Gotta check it out later. Enjoy.



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July 17, 2009 - Posted by | Blake Griffin, Stephen Curry

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