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Miami Heat Dancer: Keraly

Miami Heat Dancer: Keraly

According to Yahoo Sports:

For the fourth time this summer, Quentin Richardson has been traded. This time, his new team, the Miami Heat, plan to keep him. The Minnesota Timberwolves traded Richardson to the Heat for forward Mark Blount(notes), two league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Thursday night. This time, Richardson has found a home for his expiring $9.35 million contract. Heat president Pat Riley wants him to bring scoring punch off the bench, and the team plans to give him significant minutes this season. Richardson started the summer with the New York Knicks before getting moved to Memphis, the Los Angeles Clippers, Minnesota and now Miami. Richardson, 29, averaged 10 points for New York.

Query:  Will Quentin just have the best seat in the house or will he be a key contributor to a playoff team?  I wonder whether  he will get another playoff game before Jamal Crawford, now with Hotlanta, gets his first?  Or will Gallinari get to the playoffs before either one of them touches the post-season in the future?


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  1. Is Knicks’ dream scenario still possible?

    by Chad Ford from (Insider)

    When Donnie Walsh took over the Knicks in the spring of 2008, the task of rebuilding in New York was dubbed “Mission Impossible” by many of his peers.

    As we get closer and closer to the summer of 2010, the undertaking seems aptly named. The salary cap is shrinking, the Knicks’ top free agents are demanding huge contracts, and they are still without a solid talent base to lure top free agents next summer. So the Knicks’ championship-contending restoration appears to be on shaky ground.

    After all the damage done by former team president and coach Isiah Thomas, Walsh knew it would take a perfect storm of circumstances to get the Knicks back on the road to a championship.

    Walsh, however, had a solid four-part plan to make it happen.

    Phase 1 was to get rid of Thomas and replace him with a head coach who played an entertaining style of basketball that players in the league loved to play. Walsh was quick to move Isiah out of his coaching- and front-office roles and into an advisory role, and then hit a huge home run last summer when he outbid the Bulls for former Suns coach Mike D’Antoni.

    In Phoenix, D’Antoni had been the architect of the league’s most dynamic offense, and he had the reputation as a “players’ coach.” He had developed a great rapport with a number of the NBA’s elite players through his work with Team USA.

    Phase 2 was to start shedding some of the troubled players on New York’s roster. The team bought out Stephon Marbury and traded Jamal Crawford, Zach Randolph and Jerome James. While Walsh would love to trade a few other players on the Knicks’ roster (yes, I’m talking about you, Eddy Curry), for the most part Walsh’s moves have created better chemistry for the Knicks and have helped reduce the highest payroll in the NBA.

    Phase 3 has been rockier. The plan was to restock the Knicks’ talent pool via the draft. Rookies have low salaries and high upside, and given the Knicks’ lack of talent the team hoped it could strike gold once or twice in the draft. While it’s still very early, things haven’t gone according to plan so far. The Knicks’ top targets the past two years have been off the draft board when they drafted.

    In 2008, their two favorites — Derrick Rose and O.J. Mayo — were gone, so they settled for Danilo Gallinari. While Gallinari showed enormous promise in Europe, he hurt his back in the summer league and played sparingly for the Knicks in his rookie season while he tried to rehab. Meanwhile, the Knicks passed on several prospects in the ’08 draft — like Brook Lopez, Eric Gordon and Anthony Randolph — who look like potential stars down the road.

    In 2009, Walsh and D’Antoni had their hearts set on Davidson shooting star Stephen Curry. However, the Warriors took him one place ahead of the Knicks, who settled on Arizona forward Jordan Hill. While Hill has upside, too, he’s closer to Dale Davis than Amare Stoudemire.

    And what about 2010? In 2005, Isiah agreed to send that first-round pick to Phoenix as part of the Marbury trade. The Suns then traded it to Utah. There are no protections left on the pick. It’s gone.

    Phase 4 appears to be turning into a disaster. The plan was for the Knicks to get $35 million to $40 million below the cap so they could lure a pair of young superstars in 2010. New York has been eyeing LeBron James and Chris Bosh. But Dwyane Wade would suffice.

    It seemed the Knicks were off to a good start last year when they found ways to move Randolph and Crawford for contracts that expired in the summer of 2010. But circumstances (some of which are beyond the Knicks’ control) seem to be quickly snuffing out the dream.

    For starters, the Knicks were counting on a salary cap in the range of $62 million to $64 million for the 2010-11 season. That was a very realistic prediction in the summer of 2008 and into the spring of 2009. However, once the economic crisis hit the NBA, things fell apart.

    The league announced in July that, for the first time in years, the salary cap would decrease for the 2009-10 season. And, as part of the same memo, the league warned that the cap could fall even further for 2010-11 — between 5 percent and 10 percent. If the cap falls 5 percent, it would be at $53.6 million for 2010-11. If it falls further (and several NBA cap gurus are telling that a $51 million number is more realistic), the Knicks could be looking at a cap number that is $10 million to $13 million less than they predicted.

    Second, New York has been unable to trade two 2010 cap killers — Curry and Jared Jeffries. Curry is slated to make $11.3 million in 2010. Jeffries is set to make $6.9 million. Interestingly, Walsh passed on a chance to move Jeffries to the Kings for the expiring contract of Kenny Thomas at the trade deadline last February. That could really come back to haunt the Knicks.

    Third, when the Knicks decided to clear maximum cap space in 2010, it would’ve been hard to predict that two of their young players — David Lee and Nate Robinson — would develop so fast under D’Antoni. Both players are restricted free agents this summer. Lee is searching for a long-term contract in excess of $10 million per year. Robinson is looking for something in the area of $5 million per year. So far, the Knicks are at a stalemate with both players. If they sign them to long-term deals, they lose virtually all cap flexibility in 2010. If they don’t (or if Lee and Robinson decide to take their one-year qualifying offers) the team most likely will lose them without compensation.

    Finally, a Knicks team without Lee or Robinson and without the cap room to sign multiple elite free agents no longer looks that appealing to free agents like LeBron James. There just isn’t, as of yet, enough supporting talent to make the Knicks a contender if LeBron joins them. That raises the question that no one in New York wants to talk about. Yes, New York is a great market and D’Antoni is a great coach. But would LeBron really bolt the Cavs — a championship contender — to play on a rebuilding team like the Knicks? What does all of this mean for the future of the Knicks? It’s not pretty.

    They basically have three options:

    Option 1: Clear More Cap Space

    This option could be dubbed “Mission Impossible II.”

    Walsh has been working furiously this summer to move Curry and/or Jeffries for contracts that expire next summer. It’s highly unlikely he can move Curry. Jeffries is a little more realistic. But if he could trade both of them, he could clear an extra $18 million in room and have around $40 million to play with next summer.

    If he can make it happen, the Knicks would be back on track to be a major player for LeBron. Of course, this option comes with a few major caveats.

    The first is that the Knicks would have only four players under contract going into next summer. They’d have to spend their $40 million on eight players … not two or three. But theoretically, at least, they could give two max deals and sign the rest of the team with the $6 million to $8 million that remained.

    The second caveat is that this would mean they likely would lose Lee and Robinson — weakening the team even further.

    Option 2: Lower Your Sights

    If Walsh can’t move Curry or Jeffries, the Knicks should be somewhere between $21 million and $23 million under the cap going into next summer if they waive both Lee and Robinson. However, they’d have just six players under contract.

    That’s still enough room to sign one elite player like LeBron. However, they’d have roughly just $5 million to $7 million to sign five other players. Would LeBron really come with such a weak supporting cast?

    Of course, LeBron, Bosh and Dwyane Wade aren’t the only free agents available. As I detailed in my sneak peek at the free-agent class of 2010, there are a lot of good players available. But would any of them come to the Knicks? Kobe Bryant and Joe Johnson are talking extensions with their clubs. Paul Pierce and Dirk Nowitzki are likely to stay put. Restricted free agents like Rajon Rondo and Rudy Gay are notoriously difficult to steal away because their home teams have the right to match any offer.

    That leaves a few players like Amare Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer, who seem unhappy where they are. Both players are very good, but they can’t single-handedly rebuild a team — and given their injury history, I’m not sure you’d want them to.

    Or the Knicks can try to use their cap space in trades. With the luxury-tax threshold also decreasing significantly next year, Walsh should encounter a number of desperate GMs trying to shed payroll to avoid the tax. The problem with that strategy is that it’s really a crapshoot. It’s hard to predict, ahead of time, what players will be available to build your team.

    Option 3: Stick With What You Have

    This is an unpopular option, but it may be the most realistic for the Knicks. With little chance of clearing big cap room next summer and few other good options left on the table if LeBron, Bosh and Wade say no, New York may have to be patient.

    If the team can sign Lee and Robinson to reasonable contracts, money will be available to add a player or two via free agency while keeping the young core intact.

    In the summer of 2011, the team will have another shot at free agency when Curry and Jeffries come off the books. A number of interesting players, including Tony Parker and Yao Ming, will be free agents. Maybe by then the Knicks’ young players will start showing some promise and Walsh will have an easier sell to a veteran.

    Chad Ford covers the NBA for ESPN Insider.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | August 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. “Oh ye of little faith”

    “If you build it, he will come.”

    Comment by T | August 14, 2009 | Reply

    • Build what T’man?


      Comment by orangeandblue1 | August 14, 2009 | Reply

      • Yeah T, build what? A ship with a hole, identified as the toilet, in the hull?

        Comment by livesinnewjersey | August 15, 2009

  3. Now that’s what I’m talking about,starting the blog off with a hottie.


    Why is it that all the other teams are signing,re-signing and trading players and all our talk is about the POSSIBILITY of acquiring players?

    Comment by D L T Knicks | August 14, 2009 | Reply

    • DLT

      All Donnie Tortoise Walsh can do is “Window Shopping!”

      He’s mad at them other teams and I think I know why…

      Cause he’s a window shopper!

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  4. According to the Heat Beat writer….Q Rich’s main job is to shadow Wade on the offense and if he sees wade fall
    he is to put his bubble lips between the floor and Wade.
    Chapstick Inc. confirmed this story to be valid.

    Comment by Peaceman | August 14, 2009 | Reply

    • ROFLMAO!

      Peaceman strikes again!

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  5. Alan has taken like 3 vacations in a row. He needs to get back to work.

    Comment by blueman | August 15, 2009 | Reply

    • Welcome, Blueman. Me think that Donnie needs to give Alan some work to do. And Newsday needs to repair that horrendous set-up at the new blog. It is amazingly user unfriendly.

      Comment by livesinnewjersey | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  6. NOW, I understand why the Turtle is not making any deals:

    August 15, 2009 – Knicks team president Donnie Walsh isn’t in the business of selling pipe dreams. He knew when he took over a dysfunctional and grossly over-the-cap Knicks franchise that there would be pains the likes of which the Octomom could relate to. Walsh has diligently worked to get under the salary… MORE >

    Comment by D L T Knicks | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  7. …must have been some good stuff……………

    Marbury Admits To Smoking Marijuana On Camera

    Aug 14, 2009 2:52 PM EST
    Stephon Marbury has admitted that he was smoking marijuana in a video posted Wednesday on the celebrity gossip web site posted another clip on Thursday with Marbury confessing that he was in fact doing so.

    “I smoke marijuana … yep … you saw me,” Marbury, 32, said in the clip.

    “I’m not under contract … I smoke weed occasionally. … I’m not driving … I’m following the rules.”

    Comment by D L T Knicks | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  8. HMarbury is following the rules in his own mind but smoking marijuana is illegal. He probably smokes it all the time. Alan went to the Poconos. The blog hasn’t been updated in forever but he’s talking to some girls on Twitter about hockey. The Knicks Fix blog is very hard to get to and the comments section is hidden. The other blogs and forums are worse. TKB is always talking about stuff that has nothing to do with the Knicks. Real GM is 75% OT posts. What a joke.

    Comment by blueman | August 15, 2009 | Reply

    • Blueman, we’re always looking for new talent. You may be one of our old heads under a different moniker — but if you are new to our scene, feel free to be yourself because I guarantee no one else here is gonna be you. In other words, we have a very diverse and strongly opinionated group of grouses. We love our Knicks, but the convo leads to so many other things for two reasons: 1) This blog has some very well-rounded and smart folks on it and 2) we’ve been at this for a long time and don’t get caught up in the normal conventions of blogdom.

      Personally, I like a lot of the Knicks blogs out there. Over the years many of us have gotten better in fulfilling the needs of our specific communities. This is home for me because the folks here are the bomb, but I find good stuff (much of which I disagree with) on sites such Posting and Toasting,, and 7secondsormess to name a few. I think this is the best blog, certainly not because of the long-ass boring and speculative posts, but because of the voices that follow.

      Stick around, but be forewarned that if you have an opinion, the nicest thing you may hear around here is “Welcome to La Familia.”

      Comment by livesinnewjersey | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  9. “The ultimate decision upon us was this,” the statement said. “If a person made a terrible mistake and then paid their debts to society, was deeply remorseful and turned their life around completely, and not only lives a life or virtue themselves but is investing time to make sure others don’t make the same mistakes, would you be willing to help this human being move forward? Would you give them a second chance?”

    Statement from the Eagles.


    Comment by livesinnewjersey | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  10. …..maybe Walsh has been doing the pot-smoking,since he is “high” on Darko.

    Comment by D L T Knicks | August 15, 2009 | Reply

    • LOL. I thought about that, but decided not to write it? Your post prompted me to add to the blogroll. has a book on the store shelves which I have read a good portion of. Very quirky, as is the website. Some good humor though.

      Comment by livesinnewjersey | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  11. Knicks Still Chasing Sessions

    Aug 15, 2009 1:31 PM EST
    The Clippers are “in striking distance” to acquire Ramon Sessions but the Knicks have not given up their pursuit of the Bucks’ restricted free-agent.

    New York is reportedly trying to complete a trade that would free up the room to sign Sessions without impacting the team’s 2010 plan

    Comment by D L T Knicks | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  12. DLT, you keep coming up with some great stuff. Do you need any help putting the link to the full articles in the comment? If so, let me know. If not, please add the links so I can shorten my search for the whole of the primo stuff you’re passin’ around.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | August 15, 2009 | Reply

    • Lives,
      I know how to add the link just trying to save space on a story that’s soooooooooooooooo old.But thanks may need your help in the future.

      Comment by D L T Knicks | August 16, 2009 | Reply

  13. All of the blogs are userunfriendly now……NY Daily News is a joke because Frank doesn’t take his blog seriously, he is more into doing TV appearances, Berman destroyed his blog when he let any goes and now the comments section is hidden like Newsday, but Newsday now hides the blog and the comments. You have to be a magician to find it.

    Comment by blueman | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  14. Alan said on ESPN that nothing may happen for 2 more weeks.

    Comment by blueman | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  15. blueman is Heri. Heri destroyed all of the blogs. Please ban blueman from this blog.

    Comment by concerened blogger | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  16. Heri is blueman

    Comment by dave | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  17. I’m willing to take a look at Darko before I pass
    judgement only because he was the #2 pick
    and a rookie when Detroit won the chip (if I’m correct.)
    This guy might surprize us because he appears to have
    some skillz. Larry Brown’s trashing of Trevor Ariza may Mirror Darko(I really hope so)……………… However….I refuse to come out of
    “we suck mode” until we truly don’t suck!

    Comment by Peaceman | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  18. Heri is the real blog killer.

    Heri killed the Newsday blog.

    Peacman still works at Jiffy Lube.

    Comment by THall | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  19. Where is Heri?

    Peaceman was picked up by the animal police.

    Knicks will be a lottery team next season without a lottery pick.

    Comment by THall | August 15, 2009 | Reply

  20. Hello,
    I am new here. Blueman referred me to this site.

    Comment by Missing NY | August 15, 2009 | Reply

    • Welcome Missing NY…..jump in and the enjoy the party.

      Comment by D L T Knicks | August 16, 2009 | Reply

  21. Welcome MissingNY. Feel free to hop a squat or roam around the digs. Someone will be here to great you and check your KFFL credentials. . . .

    Hello Thall, your reputation and a couple of other blog persona permutations precede you. Be advised that Heri and Blueman are welcome on this blog as long as the core of their reason for being here is to share their opinion on the Knicks.

    O.K. Old Heads, this is the deal. You know my belief that the community should police itself. As far as I am concerned Thall is welcome although he has entered this blog with three monikers-one persona and with the initial salvo of attacks against Blueman, someone named Heri and Peaceman. I have no problem with that, especially since Peaceman can handle himself. The same goes for the Rushes, Drosses and Marks of the blogosphere — but I do know that when a blogger appears with absolutely no redeeming value and doesn’t even promote a tangential purpose of the blog (like cathartic release)it may be time for a ban.

    Bottom line, as we grow, the community will be our guide on how we handle wayward posters. So let me know what you want to do or have done. Peaceman, don’t tell me. I already know. I also know that O&B will take the diplomat’s middle position on top of the barbed wire on the fence. Cooley will say a prayer. Tman will say “Live and Let Die.” Steady will say “Skip Pass.” Paul will agree. States will already have “skip pass” on his keyboard activated.

    I’m down with the people. Peace guys. I think I’m out for the day.

    O&B, where is that post you told us we would like. Come on man, don’t write blank checks. . . . (LOL).

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | August 16, 2009 | Reply

    • Forthcoming

      Will get out by end of this week.

      Sorry plenty to do so I got sidetracked from the blog my brother.

      Am getting caught up.

      Welcome to the new heads. Enjoy this multifacted and thought provoking lil indy blog that does!

      Comment by O&B's Ghost | August 18, 2009 | Reply

      • Good to read you. Hope some of that busyness is summer enjoyment.

        Comment by livesinnewjersey | August 18, 2009

  22. Whatchoo talking bout lives in new jersey? Duhon says bring on the sex, drugs and music.

    Comment by Home Boy | August 17, 2009 | Reply

  23. I extend thanks to all of my fellow Fanatic well-wishers for my pleasant vacation and safe return. I was away for 8 days and the Knick world, as I sadly expected, is exactly the same. Nothing has changed under the Walsh sun. Lee and N8 remain unsigned; no sign and/or sign and trade has been made for Sessions; and no other moves or even rumors of moves has been reported by the Times, Post, Daily News or Newsday. As noted by Lives and other Fanatics, even the comments section of the Knick blogs in the N.Y. sports pages are either restricted. redacted, censored, virtually hidden (at Newsday) or, perhaps like Walsh’s decision making, held in abeyance. [Anti–where are you?]

    Most Knick beat writers are on vacation or simply clueless as to what Walsh is doing or rather not doing. Alan Hahn of Newsday reports that Sessions is still on the Knicks radar, but has no real news of “weight” to report, except that Curry lost another pound or two. The Post is reduced to reporting how Walsh holds great expectations for Darko–his premier “blockbuster” move this summer. All other “great expectations” for the forthcoming season are evidently on hold.

    Even the sound of crickets in the night, as Lives has aptly posted, makes more noise than Knick management. Walsh seems to have converted to the passive philosophy of Taoism: “Do nothing and there is nothing that is not done,”
    (Lao Tzu) or at least do nothing until July 1st, 2010. Perhaps Knick fans should do nothing in terms of buying season tickets until that date.

    Based on the previous thread, I note with pleasure that the blog has grown. I also extend welcome to the newbies: Blueman, Home Boy, THall, and all others who are reading, posting or even thinking of posting. My only caveat is your truth and sincerity as a Knick fan. KFFL

    Comment by Post-up Prince | August 17, 2009 | Reply

  24. Whaddsup, Post Up. Glad to see you’re back safe and relaxed. Man, you summed up the events of the last few days quite succinctly and accurately. Ain’t nothing going on but the rent.

    The state of NY Commercial Knicks blogs has hit rock bottom — change must be on the horizon. Regardless, we’ll just keep doing our thing, but I’m begging Walsh to do something a little more interesting than Darko for QRich.

    I find it intriguing that some of us think Darko may find success here. I haven’t seen him much since Detroit, but there are some good run downs on his skill set at the Memphis blogs. He is very raw and uncomfortable in his body from what I have read from fans. I’ll see if I can find the quotes and post them later.

    I also read somewhere that the Bucks have a history of waiting until real late to resolve issues with their free agents. I believe the examples were Charlie Ball and Charles V. I’ll check the facts on that too when I get a minute.

    For now, I just wanted to say “Welcome Back.”

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | August 17, 2009 | Reply

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