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Rubio Reportedly Will Sign Six-Year Contract With Regal Barcelona

According to Marca.Com , Ricky Rubio has signed a six-year contract with Regal Barcelona. The story has been picked up by Hoopshype and, but often these overseas stories have been false.  Ricky Rubio has yet to confirm this story via Twitter.

Following is a rough translation of the article.

Ricky to Barca, the most expensive transfer in history

Barca will pay a record price: EUR 3.7 million, the most expensive in the history of Spanish basketball · with exit clauses falling from the second year · Signature for six seasons

Missing a mere formality, but Ricky Rubio can now consider himself a Regal Barcelona player thus creating a timeless saga. It will be the most expensive transfer in the history of Spanish balonceso and the alzagruna set would pay Penya 3.7 million euros for the NBA guard. An operation of Real Galactic Joan Creus all know well how to pay off. Ricky signed for six seasons with the escape clause for the NBA that will progressively decrease as the seasons pass.

From the second season it would be economically affordable for him to  jump to the NBA and not have to do too much financial engineering given that you know what the Timberwolves would charge in the third.  His departure to the NBA would be much more than affordable .

La Penya gives closing the chapter yet to approve the transaction in a Governing Council, but not wanting to publicize the operation time and has not contacted Ricky, or with family or base environment. Family sources have confirmed to Ricky Rubio that “Ricky is Penya player and just want to know anything about the matter if there is an agreement to transfer it. Just missing a call, a mere formality to finish balancing the operation and it becomes public. Until then, the base remains concentrated with the NBA and does not want any distractions.

Last week, Regal Barcelona raised the offer to 3.3 million, but the figure is over accepting Villacampa is 3.7. Dark green sources recognize that “we face the death throes” of the ‘snake’, that is little short of admitting it.

At the Regal Barcelona say they want respect “the ‘timing’ to manage the operation Jordi Villacampa,” so that, depending on how events unfold, the official announcement of the deal can be done in hours or weeks.

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