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Did Rubio Con A Kahn or Was Minnie Marburied Again? Part 1 of 3


In the immortal words of that famous redhead, Lucille Ball: "Ahhhhh Ricky."

Has the latest episode in the Ricky Rubio Show earned the child-star the nickname of "Tricky Ricky” for not being completely honest?  Or for Minnesota fans is he just the 2.0 European version of a young Stephon Marbury?

Shortly before the ides of March in 1999, the Minnesota Timberwolves traded a discontent Stephon Marbury to the New Jersey Nets in an eight player deal.  A few weeks earlier Marbury turned 22. The previous two years, the Wolves, with a young Marbury and a rising star in Kevin Garnett, had become a formidable and promising one-two punch.  In 96-97, Garnett, Marbury and co-star Tom Gugliotta led the Timberwolves to the playoffs for the franchise’s first post-season appearance ever.  In 97-98, with “Googs” lost for much of the season, the Wolves made the playoffs again with an even better regular season record. 

The Wolves thought their future was set until after they gave Garnett a whooping $126 million deal which peeved league owners and Commissioner Stern, helped precipitate the lockout of 1998-99 and angered star Gugliotta, who signed a six-year deal with the Suns at the end of the lock-out.  The shortened season had just started when the Wolves traded Marbury,  who rejected a $70.8 million maximum contract extension, to the Nets. At the time, Marbury refused to extend his contract with Minnesota , in significant part, because the New York City kid did not care for what he perceived as lily-mid-western-white, boring Minnesota and he preferred to be closer to home and friends. Marbury was roundly criticized for being selfish, egocentric and childish for breaking up a winning combination so he could be home with mommy.

Here we are ten years later and Minnesota gets rejected again by another young point guard who claims he would rather be around family and friends than bundled up in a mink coat battling the climate of the North Star State.  In fact, Rubio had intended to move to the U.S. with his mom, dad and sister until he found out he was bound for Minnie.  On draft night, he could not be found for the Timberwolves’ post-draft press conference and when the press caught up with him one of the first things he said was that his mom may not care much for living near Brett Favre and the Vikings, and “It’s too cold,” in Minnesota.

Unlike the maligned young Marbury, outside of Minnie, Rubio is being hailed by some as a patient young kid who knows how to wield power to get what he wants. And according to some opinion-pushers and pimps, Rubio’s sidekick, Timberwolves new President of Basketball Operations David Kahn, who he kicked to the curb in this drama, was duped and embarrassed by the man-child looking for the promised land. (See stories 1. Scores Report; 2. Fanhouse (Kahn/Failure); 3. Dime (A Summer of Discombobulation); and 4. CBS Sports (Kahn/Clown, Rubio/Good)). 

But as usual, when examined closely, little seems to match up with conventional wisdom and blogosphere opinionating.

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Next: Part 2 – Tricky Ricky’s Math Magic Miscalculation

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  1. Where I come from, the ole folks use to say, “The TRUTH shall set you free child, Thank you Jesus.”

    Well Lives, your first chapter of the Rubio saga reads like a Fairy tale story I once read called, “Eli Manning is a New York Giant; San Diego Who…” The relationship between Kahn Man and OUR very own Turtle Wax is well documented. And, the spin doctors are hard at work making sure MR. Green Card Rubio ends up in the Bright Lights of NYC with his growing nose in tact. Where his Mom can wear her Mink in the Cold and Hard streets of the Greatest City in the World… Remember now, he didn’t say she wouldn’t wear the Mink, just not in Minnie, and that’s when it wasn’t even Favre country…Talking about having the inside scoop.

    Yes, Cute Ricky will end up in the Garden, so the Lil General can keep his prized Spanish Thoroughbred close and continue to Market the NBA internationally. Especially in Latin America, where the best BBALLERS reside outside of the USA… The Latin Markets are strong these days with thriving economies, plus THEIR WOMEN ARE FINE… Who wouldn’t want those Hot Tamamlaes sitting in their arenas with their Thongs flying High… SOLD!!! Where do I purchase my tickets. Works for Me. The Knicks will be like the Lakers, where English is the the second language, while the LANGUAGE OF LOVE rules the Left Coast and the East Coast… All we need now is a Sergio Mendes Reunion Tour and all will be well in the City that Never Sleeps,
    Nueve York….LOL LOL LOL

    One Love!

    Keep it Crackin!

    Comment by Cooleyhigh | September 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. GAWD! How much worse can it get when we are to hail
    some non-shooting non-tested “RICKY?” Fugg tomorrow and
    patients! Hell, I wanted to see Michael Jackson in concert
    the next few Months! Nobody’s promised tomorrow.
    There’s a powerful message in the video below, Live
    in the Moment Fanatics….Live in the Moment~

    Comment by Peaceman | September 6, 2009 | Reply

  3. Live, I think the comparison is a very good one. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you are correct.

    Comment by MODI | September 6, 2009 | Reply

  4. Lives: The Rubio analogy with Marbury’s career in Minnesota is apt and illuminating. Kahn drafted Rubio then took Flynn as insurance in case Rubio did not show up. Then when Ricky-boy could not be induced to leave sunny Spain for freezing Minnesota, Kahn moved to snare Sessions, knowing that Flynn will either not pan our or need time to develop. That Sessions was still available this late in the free agency period is a result of Turtle Walsh not moving fast enough for not wanting to upset his “July 2010” month of planned orgasm, which can only be prophilactically prepared with “cap space,” perhaps now best defined as a vast empty condom in Walsh’s mind with a hole in it.

    Walsh can still save the 09-10 season as well as the future prospect of attracting an elite player in 2010 by persuading Milwaukee to match Minnesota’s contract for Sessions and then work out a sign and trade with the Bucks, thereby acquiring Sessions in return for say Jeffries, and taking on one of the Buck’s players with an expensive but expiring contract. Given the Turtle’s track record, however, the next 7 days will likely pass without such an offer. Walsh’s vision of a superstar orgasm in July 2010 enraptures, obsesses and subsumes all reason.

    Like DLT, Auggie, Steady and O & B, if not Cooley High, I must rant and vent my frustration here. I am a Knick fan for life, so that I will suffer while Walsh waits and patiently dreams and creams, but I will not abandon the team. LGK

    Comment by Post-up Prince | September 6, 2009 | Reply

  5. […] No Better With Rasheed Wallace Slam Online     Lue Rejects Greeks’ Offer Knicks Fanatics    Did Rubio Con A Kahn or Was Minnie Marburied Again? Part 1 of 3 NBA Obsessed    Who will win the […]

    Pingback by Today’s Celtics Links 9/7 | Boston Sports Nation | September 7, 2009 | Reply

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