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Not So Extra, Extra Anymore: The Preview Mags Are On The Stand


Preseason Preview Mags

The NBA basketball 2009-2010 preseason preview mags are out, on the stands, and I recently left Barnes and Nobles with my annual stack.  Years past, I would get very excited, like a little kid, waiting for the release of the magazines so that I could read what the “experts” had to say about the players and the teams’ prospects for the upcoming season.  Not only did they provide the most comprehensive information, but they stoked that competitive fire as I tried to match my prognostications against theirs.

That old school part of me left the bookstore satisfied, but this year I was not nearly as pumped as usual because the magazines, like the newspapers, are starting to lose their place in the marketplace.  Recently, in a conversation I had with the editor of one of the major magazines, I learned that the mags, hit hard by the economy and the on-line competition may be at the end of their life spans.  And there is no need to wonder why.  The moment the magazines hit the stands, as always, they are outdated.  Teams are still making moves, some of them major as in the case of the Knicks, which makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to make predictions of any value.  Additionally, the proliferation of sports blogs with up to date information virtually render the mags obsolete, especially since most of the magazine writers are also doing similar work on-line. Most of my reading these days, to my eyes’ chagrin, is done in front of my computer monitor.

Until advertisers can figure out how to harness the nature of the internet in order to reach consumers effectively, the magazines remain viable though on life support.  However, they may find it very difficult to survive the growing power of social sports websites and sporting blog networks such as Yardbarker, MVN, ESPN (the big dog) and Ballhype. 

Anyway, the death of the preview mags is a story for someone else to pick up (or I’ll do it when I find time). For now I intend to enjoy my Lindy’s, Athlon and Yahoo Sports mags and share their predictions with you in the chart below. However, before I do that I will note that usually the mags in the Nueva York-New Jersey area have covers tailored to the local teams.  This year’s covers say a lot about what the magazine editors think about our teams, the Knicks and the Nets, this season.  The Lindy’s cover features a large image of a smiling LeBron James in his Cavs uni. The Knicks are represented by a small pic of Chris Duhon in the bottom right hand corner next to an equally small image of Devin Harris.  Athlon Magazine on the other hand does not tease us by playing to our perceived obsession with the King, instead their cover has large pics of Chris Duhon and Devin Harris. My Yahoo! Sports Cover features Kevin Garnett and doesn’t even mention the Knicks.  In fact, Nate Robinson is listed in the 100 top fantasy players as the Knicks point guard and he is not even an official member of the team yet (but in the spirit of Knicks Spirit Week, we expect it to happen this week).


Knicks 2010 Finish Knicks Playoff spot East Finalists West
Lindy’s 4th in Atlantic None N/A N/A N/A
Athlon 4th in Atlantic w/ 30-52 rec. None Boston over Orlando Lakers
Yahoo 4th in Atlantic None Cavaliers
Pro Sporting News 4th in Atlantic None      


Note: Last year Athlon had the Hornets beating the Celtics in the finals.  The magazine also had the Knicks finishing 4th in the Atlantic Division with a 23-59 record.   Lindy’s predicted the Knicks would finish fifth in the Atlantic.   The fantasy mag 2008-2009 Pro Basketball predicted the Knicks would finish fifth in the Atlantic with a 24-58 record.  I have not seen this year’s Pro Basketball magazine on the stands yet.

Basketball Space Filler copy copy

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  1. Frank seems to be convinced,

    “With training camp set to open next week and with the Knicks about one month away from starting another 30- to 35-win season, let’s recap what transpired for the orange and blue over the summer;

    Nothing. Nada, Zilch.

    Knick fans have grown accustomed to the Garden being quiet in May and June. But July, August and September?

    But Knick fans shouldn’t be too discouraged. The Summer of LeBron is right around the corner and soon no one will remember that the Knicks failed to make any significant improvements in the summer of 2009.

    Which brings us back to another No. 23. Did you happen to notice that LeBron spent more time in New York this summer than Eddy Curry and Larry Hughes? Sure, he was either selling a movie or a book. But the bottom line is, LeBron was here. He likes it here and before long Walsh will be the best executive in the league and Mike D’Antoni the best coach because LeBron will be playing here.”

    Your mouth to G-d’s ear Frank,

    Bottom line, Someone pays off the owner/man in Cleveland and everyone in the NBA makes money.Celts, Spurs, Kobe, Half Man, Nash should be a full giant step over the hill, so a resurgent Knick team should be in decent shape against fellow pretenders.Meanwhile, this year Le Mo’gul takes another long shot at a crown.Meanwhile can you say, “Sir Come/vend”?The russians are coming, the russians are coming, and their pockets are full of money, perfect pad-nuhs for der Stern.Another bunch of human rights violaters joining the NewBillsAnytime family to launder dirty money.

    Comment by Tman | September 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. Great Post as always TMAN… I always enjoy and respect your Swerve and Swag…

    2010 Lebron will don a New York Kncik Uniform…. He’ll make a TON in NYC… DAWG was even at the GMEN Game in Dallas… Hanging with the REAL BALLERS of the Good Ole US of A… Remeber, ‘If it Don’t Make Dollars, It Don’t Make Sense.’


    BTW, DAWG, I’d rahter read your preview than those Hacks in the MAGS… TRUE DAT LIVES!


    Keep it CRACKIN!

    Comment by Cooleyhigh | September 22, 2009 | Reply

  3. This thread be so crazy i am expecting an Alex Jones shoutout from African any second now. 😉

    Comment by Paul | September 23, 2009 | Reply

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