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O.K. friends, “Knicks Spirit Week” a/k/a “Happy Week” is in full swing and effect. Now it’s time to rock the vote.  It’s time to select the twelve icons you believe will do the best job of keeping our spirits up during the 2009-2010 campaign.
Choose your top 12 and let’s see which ladies we get to see most of the season. The vote will remain open until Sunday, although this post may not be the lead one for too long.  We’re expecting Nate to be signed today and Lee to be signed or traded within a few days, but each new post will have a vote reminder.
Tough choices, but someone has to review it and do it.  Oh, before I forget, most of the pics have an interesting surprise link for your edification or entertainment – the links range from the funny to the bizarre; like the beauty tips and gossip about Marilyn Monroe’s friendship with Dorothy Dandridge (see Monroe portfolio) to the fun fansite with French soundtrack linked to the Bridget Bardot portfolio to Jane Russell’s appearance on “What’s My Line.”
Have fun. Glad you enjoyed the diversionary thread. LOL (If you have a little time, make sure you check out the previous thread and the comment section – an Instant Fanatics Classic).

3Sophia Loren copy


1Pam Grier Entry copy


1Raquel Welch

1Rita Moreno copy 

1Dorothy Dandridge

1Marilyn Monroe copy


1Elizabeth Taylor 

1Gina Lollobridgida copy

1Lena Horne

2Linda Harrison


2Veronica Lake


1Rita Hayworth  

2Josephine Baker


2Mae West copy


2hedy Lamarr


2Yme Sumac


2Tina Turner  



2Jane Russell


2Brigette Bardot


2Jayne Kennedy


2Ann Margaret copy    

3Lola Falana


2Linda Darnell


2Sherry Britton

 Basketball Space Filler copy copy

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  1. Where do I begin. Can we just take all of them to the grave, since most of them reside there?

    Heck the team is gutted so let’s maximize the eye candy as Lives insist with his set of displays of lucious old skool beauties.

    Comment by O&B's Ghost | September 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. I suggest that we keep this poll up through training camp and the preseason before we have to cut the gals who don’t make the top 12 dance troupe. Even though we may be able to only suit up 12, we should have enough “cap space” to add the next 3 next highest vote getters as alternates. Surely if NBA teams can suit up 12 but carry 15, our top notch dancing troupe should have no less. The remaining girls who can’t get enough votes to qualify for the 15 member squad can be dispatched to the D (Dead)league, since, alas, most have seen their better dancing days long gone, if not forgotten.

    Comment by Post-up Prince | September 25, 2009 | Reply

  3. That was funny Prince.

    Still, I am amazed that we got a bunch of psychics on this blog. They look at those fine pictures and they see dead people. Freakin’ ghost whisperers the lot of you.

    Actually some of you just need to quit because if I put you in a room with the living Miami Heat sweeties and the corpses of movie legends, you would get the same consideration from both groups. In other words you’d be left to play with yourself all alone in a corner in the room.

    In fact, I suggest everybody sign up for Cooley’s class on how to handle fine women (everybody except DLT). There are free scholarships available to the Cooley Correspondence School of Hard Knocks Banging.

    Steady knows what’s good. Just bloggin’.


    Comment by livesinnewjersey | September 25, 2009 | Reply

    • I guess D’Antoni should be the first to sign up for Cooley’s school. Shooting one’s load in 7 seconds or less gets no long-term satisfaction.

      Comment by Post-up Prince | September 25, 2009 | Reply

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