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Knicks Links for October 7, 2009


Good morning Gents.  Preseason is in full swing adding that much needed compliment to football season and whetting that round-ball appetite. There’s a lot happening; let’s check some of it out.

brook-lopez-nets Apparently, the Nets did not think much of the Knicks defense as a true test for their center Brook Lopez who spent the first half being rather abusive of the Orange and Blue in the paint with 19 points in 12 minutes.  The Nets and Lopez are hoping that more teams double team him and present him with a greater challenge during the pre-season to hasten his development.

“I don’t know how many teams are going to do that,” Harris said of single coverage. “And obviously they’re playing smaller than most teams are. If that’s what we can get, I’m definitely more comfortable doing it. If we get a layup with him I’ve got no complaints about that.
“He’s going to start to command a double team more and more the better he gets. It’s respect for him, but it’s something we have to work on. It’s our job to space the floor so he can get what he wants in the post.”

That’s when teams will start sending extra defenders.

And the Nets are eager to see how Lopez responds.

“It’s something we’ll have to work on, and see what kind of gauge that he has,” Harris said. “He’ll get better more when he sees it.”

“I just hope they never figure it out,” said Nets forward Bobby Simmons. “The truth is, if he continues to dominate under the basket, the farther we’ll go this year. If he’s making plays, you play through him.”

Following The Beats


Surprise! The Beats are reporting that Eddie Curry will not be ready for the first game of regular season and that he will not be cleared to practice or play until he is in shape good enough so that he does not injure himself.  According to the Daily News, “Knicks president Donnie Walsh revealed Tuesday that Curry won’t be available to even practice with his teammates until the team’s medical staff is confident that he can go through a full workout without getting injured.”

"When we feel he can get out there and play without pulling something then we’ll bring him back," Walsh said following the team’s practice, minus Curry, in Greenburgh. "I don’t know how long it will take. . . .

"The kid is doing everything he can," Walsh said of Curry. "I have faith in our training staff."

In today’s Post blog, Berman seemed to take some delight in pointing out that GM’s around the league haven’t caught on that the Knicks are a bit more relevant than in the recent past.  The Knicks were not favored answers in the annual GM poll results just released although they were considered one of the four best teams in the league to watch.

The Knicks were barely mentioned in the 60-question GM poll released today on

Mike D’Antoni wasn’t even rated among the top six for best coaches. David Lee came in third place on the question: "Which players does the most with the least.” He got 7.1 percent of the vote. The Knicks were tied for fourth place for "team most fun to watch” (7.7 percent).

The Post also offers a little feature on Duhon in which the point guard repeats earlier assertions that he is ready to play and was not phased by the Knicks efforts to improve at his position over the summer. "I’m more comfortable with everything," Duhon said after yesterday’s practice in Greenburgh, "the coaches, the players, the whole organization. It’s easier for me to go out and be myself."  Personally, I don’t see why he should be phased – last year he had a great opportunity and did the best he could with it.  This year he is getting paid far more than he should and he has a chance to prove himself again.  He will not get $7 Million from anyone else after this.

Baseline Chatter:

Walsh confirmed publicly, to Peter Vescey,  that his draft target was Stephen Curry, not Rick Rubio.

At dinner Friday night I asked Walsh who he would have selected had he been able to acquire the fourth or fifth spot in last June’s draft: Curry or Ricky Rubio?

"Curry," he answered without a pause. "Not only is he a great shooter but he can get his shot on anyone. Opponents look at his baby face and figure they can manhandle him. Meanwhile he tore up every top-rated guard he went up against at our workout, including Tyreke Evans, who might be the best player in the draft next to Blake Griffin."

So Montel Ellis has changed his mind about playing with Stephen Curry after seeing him play as a teammate. (Perhaps he should have kept his damn mouth shut in the first place. Does Nellie inspire verbal recklessness?). See Fanhouse’s Monta Ellis On Stephen Curry:’He’s Better Than I Thought He Was.’

He is from upper-state New York, but he brings that NYC swagger to the game: look out for Jonny Flynn.  He had a bizarrely successful outing against the Milwaukee Bucks as he scored 14 points on 14 for 15 shooting from the charity stripe and added 7 assists in 26 minutes.  This might be a fun team to follow as Flynn weaves in and out of the paint around screens from his bigs, Love and Jefferson, and they all benefit from Rambis’ installation of the triangle.  Watch these guys.


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  1. Fanatics,

    I don’t want to kill the “Happy Feeling” vibe, but where most here see shiola, I see shyt. I see a 25-30 win season if the team performs at a maximum level. Walsh’s total GUTTING of the team talent is not what disturbs me, it is the POOR-DRAFTING that alarms me.

    Brook Lopez a good rebounded with a low-post game, was there for the taking and Walsh & D’Antoni took a guy with a questionable health background that never displayed a high level of talent. Everyone knew that Curry did not have a future in New York (everyone but African). One year later you are being told that Roos-TA cannot create his own shot. One year later you can see that his lack of foot-speed & lateral quickness makes him a huge defensively liability. One year later we see that he will not rebound and mix it up. What was interesting is that before last pre-season Walsh said that Roost-TA was a 4, when D’Antoni saw a 3/2.
    A great stroke in an open gym means NADA at game time. It reminds me of how Darko was discovered. He did reverse dunks without anyone guarding him and the scouts thought he was ready. Once he came to the league and has been guarded…you know the results. We know why Rubio would not workout against other potential draft choices.

    Brandon Jennings was there for the Knicks this year. Walsh decided that he needed a big that would not contribute this year or next as opposed to a point guard that will contribute by the middle to end of the year. The team is weak at point guard, Douglass will contribute but his ceiling is much lower than Jennings. During Walsh’s gut-job two vital pieces could have been added. A low-post center and a point guard, both with upside. Lives, BTW, you did not mention that in Flynn’s first game when he did not hit a shot, Jennings scored 15 points with 5 assist in 28 minutes.

    You guys see light , I see Darkness. I hope I am wrong, but a team that is slow along the front line, does not play defense, and does not have a low-post scorer to draw double teams and fouls will not win or entertain. The Knicks are starting to look similar to St. Johns.

    Peace & Blessings

    Comment by Statesman2 | October 7, 2009 | Reply

    • pretty much right on the nose,except i have more hope for gallo,walsh’s draft this year was absolutley awful.this guy jordan hill will never even be as good as channing frye,and that sucks.walsh shoulda tried much harder at getting stephen curry,at least we coulda been looking at some new talent this year.JUST THINK ABOUT THIS TEAM EXCEPT WITH STEPHEN CURRY AND RAMON SESSIONS ON IT.thats how you build a team,not waiting for LEBRON JAMES contract to expire.

      Comment by auggie | October 7, 2009 | Reply

      • Auggie, Sessions & Curry would be a sorry defensive backcourt.

        Don’t we want players who play “D”?

        Comment by Paul | October 7, 2009

    • Interesting take on the recent draft by Donnie Tortoise.

      Some people will say that it usually takes 2-3 years to properly gauge a player. That Nilo is still in his first year, that Hill was deemed to a project and work in progress with a good shot, athletic ability and has shown he can develop even in the face of coaching instability while at ASU.

      But I think that if you pair your assessment with my contention of the GUTTING of the team for the 2010 dream plan, and should the worst case scenario play out, then the Knicks will be w/o the talent built up over the Thomas regime and with none of Walsh’s picks coming through to fill the void of talent should Walsh and other free agents spun the Knicks.

      Comment by orangeandblue1 | October 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. Stern continues to spin. The banks renewed…, c’mon David you needed a bailout.

    NBA to Add Employees Overseas as Revenue Declines, Stern Says
    Share | Email | Print | A A A

    By Chris Elser and Michael Buteau

    Oct. 6 (Bloomberg) — The National Basketball Association will add between 10 and 50 employees in countries such as China and India even as revenue declines, NBA Commissioner David Stern said.

    Stern, in London for a preseason game between the Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls, said the New York-based league’s sales declined between 2.5 percent and 5 percent during the recession. Attendance has increased, he said without providing details.

    “Our revenues will decline slightly because our teams have responded to our fans by either freezing prices or lowering them,” Stern told reporters before today’s game. “The banks have recently renewed a facility we had for more than $2 billion, so we feel pretty good in our place.”

    The NBA, which employs 30 people in London, has no plans to cut its workforce, Stern said. The league cut 9 percent of its workforce in 2008. The National Football League also reduced payrolls by 14 percent last year.

    Stern also said that the NBA hasn’t made progress toward an agreement with its officials and no talks have been scheduled.

    “We hope, but I think we know, that we’ll eventually reach a deal,” he said at a press conference in London. “Right now we’re not discussing anything with the union. They know how to reach us. They haven’t even told us why they rejected it.”

    Stern said the league thought the sides had an agreement before the union rejected the proposal. The NBA had little choice but to start the preseason with replacement officials, he said.

    To contact the reporters on this story: Chris Elser in London at; Michael Buteau in Atlanta at

    Comment by Statesman2 | October 7, 2009 | Reply

  3. New York Knickers President of Basketball Operations Donnie Walsh announced today that forward Warren Carter and guards Ron Howard, Gabe Pruitt and Sun Yue have been waived. The Knicks roster stands at 16 players.

    Comment by Paul | October 7, 2009 | Reply

    • Not a Revelation as this move was read in da script from JUMP. What happened to Baby Big Fella? He has better game than Hill at this point.

      Steady as IToo Love This Game!

      Comment by Steady | October 9, 2009 | Reply

  4. I agree with you Stateman, 100%. However, I would be more than happy to eat these very words if the Knicks do much better than I truly feel they will. You have them wining
    25-30 games, I have them at 20-25 wins tops! Like I said,
    I hope to eat these words only because I am a Knick for life. I’d love to be wrong about Gallo. I’ve called him a BUST and will continue to do so, however, deep down inside, I want him to be the Star that others think he can be, I just won’t imagine the shit, the way some sheep do!

    Comment by Peaceman | October 7, 2009 | Reply


      Comment by auggie | October 8, 2009 | Reply

  5. Fellas Good day,

    Check your emails. The request is internal so get back to me on the request at my email address.

    Hope we can knock the snot of the pretentious non indy blogs the Fanatics way!

    Comment by orangeandblue1 | October 8, 2009 | Reply

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