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KryptoNate Talks Tats

In this video, Nate Robinson, who has no problem sharing his personality with the public, talks about his various tattoos on Tattoo U.  Interesting stuff, but Nate makes it hard to defend him against the knucklehead label – he admits that as a youngster the more his Dad told him not to get tats, the more he felt encouraged to do it. 

Still, Nate isn’t all defiance and excess energy; he shares with us that many of his tats carry very spiritual and personal significance.  It seems that most of his tats have something to do with his relationship to God or are reminders of very important people who have influenced him from his deceased brother to Allen Iverson.  


October 14, 2009 - Posted by | Nate Robinson |

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  1. Why would wade or Lebron want to come here and play with a David Lee less Kincks team when Wade and Lebron can both play together in Miami or Lebron can stay with a very good team in Cleveland and make the same money?

    Comment by ed | February 4, 2010 | Reply

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