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2009 NBA Draft (KnicksFanatics Live Blogging Event 06/25/2009 @ 7:15pm)




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Fanatics Pre-Draft Scouting Report: Eric Maynor

6’3″ 164 lbs

35.5 mpg, 22.4ppg, 3.6 rpg, 6.2 apg, 1.7 spg, 3.0 TO, 46%fg, 81%ft, 36% 3pt

igm-gravatar-copyIGM ANALYSIS

Man, this is tough.

There is so much to like about Eric Maynor.  So much.  But, the questions remaining are daunting.

I like his size and his ability to get to the rim and score with contact.  That coupled with his superb free throw shooting and his ball-smarts is really special.  He has great energy and is a mature leader.  Some see four years in college as a negative statement on skill level, but you can see a very level-headed and directed young man in Eric Maynor.  He is very confident and has the heart of a winner.  He is not afraid to take over a game at the end.

The problem is his lack of speed and quickness.  He does not have the athleticism of his younger competition.  He does compensate for it with his height, length and dribbling skills.  He operates at several speeds, has a nice cross-over and hesitation dribble.   He moves in unpredictable bursts.  He has a decent first step, good enough that a defender must foul him to get to the ball.  However, he has shown that he can be a turnover machine which is very scary considering the competition in the NBA.

He can score.  His free-throw shooting attests to his ability to shoot.  He tends to go for the high difficulty shot, but he makes them, especially the floaters while he is flying towards the basket.  He seems to have a bit of a mid-range game. 

I did not notice an ability to get horizontal separation on his shot.  He seems more likely to just shoot over or around you.  I am concerned about that tre which looks like a throw from behind the back.  But it goes in at a 36% clip which is not bad considering the other weapons he brings to the table.

This kid is different.  He is not a standout in terms of the athleticism he has, but he has a nice package of weaponry.  I really like his ability and potential for controlling the end of games.  I also like his ability to play man-to-man defense and his willingness to put pressure on his man. 

I don’t know folks.  I’m thinking about taking him before Stephen Curry and definitely before Tywon Lawson.  With the right team (Minnie, OakCity) this player could have a very solid year as an NBA rookie.  What do you think?  Check him out.

Outside Scouting Reports


NBA Comparison: Mark Jackson/Eric Snow

Strengths: Crafty point guard with a winning pedigree … Single-handedly led VCU to national prominence after taking over the PG reigns his sophomore year … Fearless performer in the clutch, stepping up in the biggest moments of the biggest games … Despite being a one man show, rarely settled for quick forced shots or made teammates outcasts … Extremely patient on the offensive end, allowing plays to unfold- no predetermined decisions … Tremendous basketball IQ and understanding of court geometry … Shows good court vision and ability to find the open man, averaging over 6 assists per contest in the 08-09 season … Utilizes the change of pace dribble as well as anyone in this draft class, lulling defenders to sleep and blowing by them … A master of getting into the paint off the bounce, either finishing well at the rim or getting to the FT line where he is very efficient … Shot 82% from the stripe as a Senior, which is efficient … Has an amazing ability to convert difficult shots … Very tricky around the rim, shooting from odd and angles with the ability to adjust in midair … Despite slight frame, shows deceptive strength finishing well through contact … Possesses deep range on jumper (39% as a junior and 36% as a senior.) Has a solid mid-range and step back jumper as well … Excellent hands on defense, averaging 1.7 steals per game his senior season … Considered a high character guy and has the advantage of 4 years of college experience under his belt …

Weaknesses: Not a top level athlete … Foot speed and explosiveness are not optimal … Extremely light at 164 lbs, whether he can add weight is a big question mark … Gives the appearance of being heavy footed, lacking burst on his first step … Was not forced to compete against upper echelon athletes on a regular basis in the mid-major CAA … NBA will be a huge step up in class athletically, as well as size and strength … Turnovers are a concern. Against top competition was very careless with the ball racking up some massive turnover totals (10 at Rhode Island, 7 vs. New Mexico and 8 at Oklahoma) … This could be a product of team quality, as he was forced to supply a large majority of his team’s offense … Gets too fancy with passes at times, looking for the spectacular. Settles for too many jumpers when switched against a big in pick and roll situations … Not a natural shooter. Lacks elevation on jumper, almost shooting a set shot from three … Low release point and slow delivery from behind the arc … Can be lax on the defensive side of the ball – has a tendency to take plays off on defense if his offense isn’t flowing … Will turn 22 in June and improved shooting stroke.

Notes: Scored team’s final 9 points in 2007 CAA Championship game to overcome late 5 point deficit … Hit game winning pull up jumper to defeat Duke in opening round of 2007 NCAA Tournament …
Adam Ganeles – 5/30/2009

Draft Express

Situational Statistics: This Year’s Point Guard Crop

May 8, 2009

Eric Maynor falls somewhere in between Stephen Curry and Darren Collison in terms of his numbers, as he was a very high usage point guard, but still was able to remain fairly efficient—which is a very good sign. His 21.2 possessions per game place him 3rd in that category, but his overall PPP of .99 ranks a very respectable 6th. Maynor’s best quality appears to be his short range game, he got to the rim 8 times per game and posted a PPP of 1.12 as a finisher. That’s slightly above average, but few players on this list utilize the same mix of floaters and scoops that Maynor does, and those types of shots have a much greater degree of difficulty than the average layup. Maynor didn’t fall below the average in nearly any category, usually hovering around the middle of the pack, and his isolation PPP of 1.01 stood out amongst this group. The team that drafts Maynor will be getting a player that obviously knows his limitations and can play a number of roles well, but might not stand out in any one area immediately.

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Maynor’s Video Library

Introducing Eric Maynor

Eric Maynor (CAA Tourney)

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