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“It’s Knicks Spirit Week”

What’s Up NYK Fanatics around the world and blogiverse?  It’s eight days before training camp and the perpetual rush of pro basketball excitement.  Can’t you feel it.  I can hear it coming closer — the melodic sound of crossover dribbles, popping nets, cheering Fanatics and sexy body-popping diversions, flying t’s whizzing through the air, a rhyming hall of famer and an old school announcer crooning about how players, like Nate Robinson,  should do it his way.  Eight days and it is on like David Kahn.

Ladies and Gents, pre-season is like spring for the B-Ball fan; it is a time of hope and a time of promise.  Pre-season is the time of the greatest unknown.  After a period of personnel moves and decisions, including the draft, free agency signings, trades, retirements and un-retirements, we enter the period of the great what’s up with that?”.  It is a time of certain uncertainty when you just don’t really know how good or how bad the season will be. It is so exciting.

As for the 2009-2010 Knicks, not knowing is really exciting.  We don’t know shyte.  We don’t know who our starting five are. We don’t know when Nate Robinson will sign.  We don’t know if our near-all-star power forward will sign. We don’t know how our potential star, imported from Italy, will come back from back injury.  We don’t know if our star coach will put the “D” back in defense. We don’t know whether those players wearing Protege sneaks or an entire team of expiring contracts will have career years.  We don’t know whether LeBron James is pulling our leg to empty Cleveland’s pockets.  We don’t know how much better than us the teams vying for the 6th-8th Eastern Conference playoff spots are.  We don’t know jack and that is good.

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So this is a perfect time to hope for the best and see the Knicks as we really are – great fans, happy, happy, happy to root for our Knicks for another season. Now is the time to celebrate the great possibilities of a glorious future. It is time to encourage the best of our players.  Right now, LeBron is the enemy.  Kobe sucks.  Chris Paul is a jerk and Blake Griffin is an alien from another planet.  Our guys in Orange and Blue are the ones we root for, the ones we want to take us to a championship.  They are the ones who need the collective power of our super Fanatic energy so that we can sleep better at the end of game nights, knowing that our guys did their best and their best ended in more than moral victories. 

Knicks Fans Therefore, with the power God invested in me, I declare this KNICKS SPIRIT WEEK. KNICKS SPIRIT WEEK is a time when we give the Knicks unconditional love and support no matter how negatively we may feel about our home team.  It is the time that we can show them love and help them realize their potential. It is the time when we can be assured that our cheers and hopes will not be dashed in the win-loss column.  It is a time for believers.

So, all week long, this blogger will flip his tired script and show mad Knicks love.  You can call this “Happy Week,” “Delusional Week,” “Koolaid Slurping Week,” or whatever, but now I will drink Koolaid instead of Hateraid.  If I don’t bleed Orange and Blue, I won’t bleed at all. 

I encourage you to join me and follow the rules of “KNICKS SPIRIT WEEK” or face the prospects of being subjected to a David Stern Warning or a Goodell Suspension for bringing weapons of destruction onto the blog.  I implore you to not worry, be happy.  The Knicks have the greatest fans, the most patient management and the hungriest expiring contracts in the league.  Now, today, this week, we celebrate our current Knicks in the best way possible.  We pretend everything is alright.

Let’s Go Knicks.

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  1. Galinari Interview

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | September 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. Knicks Preview and interesting read from Golden State of Mind. In keeping with “Knicks Spirit Week,” I think.

    Comment by livesinnewjersey | September 20, 2009 | Reply

  3. LIVES, you’ve done it again Homie! The Thread’s lead is quite entertaining and I’m not suprised more comments haven’t been posted, so we will just assume FANATICS are very busy.

    Looks like Gallo is healthy, but time will tell that story. Hopefully for the young fellas sake he is stout and raring to go, and brings those intangible skills to the 3 spot. With some seasoning he could be OUR version of
    Hedo T. and that would not be such a bad thang…

    Per the usual, everybody LOVES TO HATE NYC, and can’t wait to knock our franchises when their down. No doubt, OUR KNICKS will probably not have an Earth Shattering season in which they conquer the East, but I am a firm believer they are going to shock a few people and Turtle Wax Waslh’s handling of the off-season was Pitch Perfect. The search for Re-Treads was a search for Leadership on and off the court. That is why Sessions was not that attractive. He’s young and can ball a bit, but NYC does not always bring the best of folks when you combine the pressure of the Big Stage, the Bi-Polar Local Media, the Hispanic Chicas, and the late night–night life; The Youngs Bucks fall apart. Sessions isn’t Jeter or Sanchez if you get my DRIFT. Also every KNICK PLAYER IS ON NOTICE, the BIG BUCKS WILL NOT be available to YA unlessthere are more wins in the Column that counts. Each and Everyone of these players best be MOTIVATED ortheir careers are DONE except for the YOUNGINS on the squad (DLEE, N8, WCHANDLER, JHILL, TDAWG, and GALLO). The rest will waste away unless THEY PRODUCE BIG TIME. Who will WANT THESE TIRED LOSERS 2010 with Cap Structure for next year and those SUPERSTARS in the proverbial mix. Ya hear me LIVES, PITCH PERFECT…

    Nevertheless, in closing, them some PURTY BEAVERS on the THREAD Homie and I would do the dance with each one of the except Ms. Elizabeth Taylor. She was pretty and all, butt no BUTT, and you’ve got have a workable ONION to get my vote or my time…LOL LOL Ain’t nothing like peeling and reeling a BIG ONION…

    Azz so PHAT make me wish I had camara……………..

    I appreciate what you do TOP DAWG, and thankful you’re a Scholar and a Gentleman. Good Stuff LIVES! I’m with you DAWG. KNICK SPIRIT WEEK IS IN FULL EFFECT… And, I’m down with you HOMIE…


    Keep it CRACKIN!

    Comment by Cooleyhigh | September 22, 2009 | Reply

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